2024 Dog of The Year Points

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Faansie Basson Jack 171
Ron Enzeroth Belle 126
Faansie Basson Finn 123
Ron Enzeroth Joe 107
Dennis Edwards Moss 89

Open Ranch
Kay Stephens Magic 63
Kay Stephens Floss 60
Johnny Greenwood Cisco 52
Nicole Rhodes SlashJ Eve 48
Angie Coker-Sells HighPK Bee 47

Jason Vasconi Squeeze 19
Hailey Tegeler Meg 15
Randy Burns Patch 12
Billie Hall Kate 11
Jeanie Cornelius Bolt 10

Nena Clark Sid 2
Ronnie Reeves GR Pup101 (Dolly) 2

Tommy Hefner Earl 39
Angie Coker-Sells HighPK Bee 34
Russell McCord Zeb 20
Russell McCord Sadie 18
Nicole Rhodes SlashJ Eve 17