Swindall Ranch & Novice SDT ~ Dec. 1, 2018
Gatesville, TX

Entries Open: 11/01/2018

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Ranch $30.00 / No payback 3
Novice $30.00 / No payback 3
Trial Information
Start Time: 8 an
TSDA Sanctioned
Trial Secretary: Darlene Allen

  • Due to number of entries and to allow for travel time of competitors, the Gatesville trial will start at 9 Am.

    Also, anyone interested in entering Novice, please contact me. We currently have 9 Ranch and only 1 Novice entry. If we could get 3 Novice entries, that would be great.

  • Start Time: TBD
    TSDA Sanctioned
    Trial Secretary: Brent Swindall
    • December 1st   1 Day 3 Trials
    • Ranch & Novice   3 runs   No Payback 
    • Free Handlers Clinic
    • Brent Swindall 254-223-0043     brent.swindall@laerdal.com   
    • TSDA sanctioned
    • Judge - Jo Spurger
    • Entries Open November 1st
    • Entries will be accepted until the day of the trial as long as you notify me that you are coming. However, entries may be limited.
    • Must have a signed entry form before going to the post.
    • Make checks payable to: Brent Swindall, 3830 Old Fort Gates Rd, Gatesville TX  76528 254-223-0043
    • 1st two runs back to back in the morning then we will break for lunch and complete 3rd run in the afternoon
    • Free Handler’s clinic after lunch followed by Ranch 3 and Novice 3.
    • Schedule:
    • Run Order: Ranch 1, Novice 1, Ranch 2, Novice 2, Lunch, Free handlers Clinic, Ranch 3, Novice 3.
    • Start time could be as early as 8 AM or as late as 10AM. We will start as late as possible based on number of entries to allow for travel time.
  • Start Time 8 AM

1076 Walker rd, Gatesville, Tx 76528

Directions to trial site.


GPS Address:

1076 Walker Rd Gatesville Tx

Directions from Gatesville:

These directions are from the junction of Highway 36 and Highway 84 in Gatesville (McDonalds).
1. Head west on highway 84 (Main Street) for 3.1 miles.
2. Turn North on FM-2412 (N. Levita Rd).
3. Travel 1.2 miles and turn right onto Oak Ridge Rd.
4. Travel 1.3 miles and turn right across cattle guard at ranch entrance. Ranch Entrance is actually Walker Rd. There will be a sign at the gate for SDT.
5. Follow gravel road 1 mile. Road dead ends at trial site.

If travelling from Hamilton, you must come from Gatesville and Highway 84.  The Bridge is out between the ranch and highway 36.

GPS Address: 1076 Walker rd, Gatesville, Tx 76528