Sand Rock Ranch Fall Classic ~ Oct. 12-14, 2018
Tecumseh, OK
Contact: Angie Coker-Sells (e) (p) 405-323-0898
Entries Open: 08/24/2018
Entry Deadline: 09/15/2018
Mail Entries To: Francis Raley 2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, TX 76638

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open $60.00 / Afer Expenses 3
Open Ranch $50.00 / Afer Expenses 3
Nursery $30.00 / No payback 3
*Limited - 60 entries per trial
Trial Information
USBCHA & TSDA Sanctioned

  • Open Handlers Meeting - Thursday  evening
    around 6:00 at the Open Field

    Open Start time will be at daylight on Friday, Sat & Sunday

    We have a lot of open dogs to get in so Open Field takes priority.

    Open Ranch  - Start Time will be approximately 9:00 each day.   Handlers Meeting will be prior to start time.
    Nursery -  We will run Nursery right after Open Ranch.   There will be a short break for the Judges
    between O/R and Nursery.

  • Wait List
  • 2.       Rock, Donna  - Jack (Sat Only)
    3.       Kronberger, Charly – Britt (Sat Only)
    4.       Fleming, Wyatt – Ava
    5.       Schreeder, Marianna – Nell (3rd dog)
    6.       Nunn, Nancy – Joe (3rd dog)
  • Sand Rock Ranch Fall Classic -Tecumseh, OK
    As of September 4, 2018 -  the trial is full.  There will be a wait list for the Open Dogs.
    We will post the accepted and wait list for open soon.  

    All Open Ranch Dogs and Nursery Dogs are in.
    I will let you know when it is ready. 

    Any entry received after today will go on the bottom of the wait list.
    Thanks for all your patients.  
    Kate Ogle
  • For information on motels, directions, entry form, GPS directions, etc it is important you visit her web site
  • Angie:  405-997-3877
  • Entries Open: 08/24/2018
  • Open $60.00 / Payback After Expenses 
  • 60 DOG LIMIT IN open
  • 3 dog limit per class per class
  • Open Ranch $50.00 / Payback After Expenses  
  • Nursery $30.00 / No payback  
  • Judges Sonia Craig - United States:  Sonia and her husband Pat live in Idaho and run about 200 head of Dorper cross ewes and several head of feeder cattle   Sonia has been part of the set out crew on horseback at the USBCHA Finals.  In 2012 Sonia placed third at the USBCHA Finals with her open dog Walt,  also earning her an invitation to the Solder Hollow Classic in 2013.  She loves trialing, judging and working on the ranch. (oh and did I mention straight lines) 
  • Nursery and Open Ranch Judges TBD
  • Mail entries To: TSDA 2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, TX 76638

HANDLER Wait List 3rd Dogs Open  9-21-18

1  Knox, Kathy   Rod 2-3
2 Barrentine,   Diane    Bella
3  Enzeroth, Ron  Bonnie
4  Nunn, Nancy   Jim
5 Hawn, Bruce   Sadie
6 Thomas, Christy   Skye
7  Collins, Pat   Kim
8 Kronberger, Charly  Britt
9 Fleming, Wyatt   Ava
10 Warner, Terri B  ea
11 Thompson, Jan 3 Zoe Zoe/3
12 Lad, Lyle 3 Dave Dave/3
13  Basson, Faansie 3 jack Jack/3
14  Schreeder, Marianna 3 Nell Nel/3
15 Thomas, Christy 3 Tate Tate/3
16  Warner, Terri 3 Nick Nic/3
17  Nunn, Nancy 3 Joe Joe/3
18  Bahr, Wilda 3 Emma Emma/3





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