Lynch/Raley Ranch, Novice SDT ~ Mar. 18, 2017
Crawford, TX

Entries Open: 02/01/2017
Mail Entries To: Francis Raley 2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, TX 76638

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open Ranch $45.00 / $20.00 2
Ranch $45.00 / $20.00 2
Novice $45.00 / $20.00 2
*Limited - 40 entries per trial
*2 dogs per handler per class

Class Order: OR, Ranch, Novice
Trial Information
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Handler Meeting: 7:45 am
TSDA Sanctioned
Trial Secretary: Francis Raley


1 Day/2 Trials/2 Entry Fees

Trial at Berry Raleys

Replacements:  $300.00

Lunch will be served, donations to Wild Bunch Cancer Drive.


Hotel Information

Directions:  Go west in Crawford on FM 185 (Cedar Rock Pkwy) go pass Crawford School and turn left at the first white Pipe entrance,  Raley Name on entrance.  House & trial field down in pasture.  Bring chairs, drinks.  Lunch will be served and donations ti /wild Bunch Cancer Fund.