Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ~ Mar. 25, 2017
Houston, TX

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open $40.00 / No payback 1
Open Ranch $40.00 / No payback 1
Ranch $40.00 / No payback 1
Novice $40.00 / No payback 1
Nursery $40.00 / No payback 1
*2 dogs per handler per class

Class Order: Open, Open Ranch, Ranch, Novice, Nursery
Trial Information
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Handler Meeting: 7:45 am
USBCHA & TSDA Sanctioned

Trial begins at 8 am

Houston uploaded our entry info late this year, so we need to get entries in before closing dates. There are two ways to enter, print out the three page entry form and mail it in with payment or use the online entry service. The online experience is much easier this year, feel free to email me, rouxcrew@gmail.com , with any questions.

Entry Fees:  Open Sheep Dog Trial entry fees will be a minimum of $40/entry.
There is a $10 handling charge per exhibitor. 
Parking passes included in entry fee.

HLSR with be one entry fee with two runs. Payout will be 25% each go round, 50% combined winners. $5000 added.


Download, print and mail:


Enter Online and save $5:

Online entries for the 2017 Houston Livestock Show and RodeoTM Open Shows are now available on theLivestock Exhibitor page of the Rodeo Houston website.  We have a new and improved online entry website for the open show!  Instead of creating a customer for the owner and exhibitor as in the past, you will only have to create a customer for the payee.  The payee will be the person whom any possible premiums will be paid and must submit a W-9 to the show.  This will also be the person that all correspondence will be sent to, including credentials.
Since we are only collecting customer information on the payee, you can now enter entries on one order for multiple owners and multiple exhibitors.  We hope this will make your experience in our entry system much easier.  The owner and exhibitor will need to be entered for each animal.  The name that you enter in each of these free-form fields will be the information that displays in the show catalog, class sheets, and results.  Additional online entry instructions can be found of on the website below the entry link.
All online entry supporting documents can be downloaded from the website.  You are required to enter your User Name and Password to begin online entry.  Your user name for online entry is blank.   If you don’t remember your password, you can retrieve your password by clicking on the Forgot Password button.  Your password will be sent to you via email.  If your username is blank above, you can follow the same steps above and signup for a new user account.