2017 TSDA Sheepdog Finals ~ Nov. 9-11, 2017
Stephenville, TX

Trial Host: Pat Ashcraft
Entries Open: 10/01/2017
Entry Deadline: 10/31/2017
Mail Entries To: Francis Raley 2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, TX 76638

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open $75.00 / $55.00 2 Combined Scores Double Lift Final
Open Ranch $75.00 / $55.00 2 Combined Scores
Ranch $75.00 / $55.00 2 Combined Scores
Novice $75.00 / $55.00 2 Combined Scores
Nursery $75.00 / $55.00 2 Combined Scores
Trial Information
TSDA Sanctioned
Trial Secretary: Francis Raley

Start Time:  Handlers meeting each morning 6:45


Members                                                                        2017 Texas Finals

As everyone is aware, we’re trying a number of new things.  This year, we have planned for everyone to have two complete goes.  The Open handlers qualifying for the double-lift final will get three.  This plan impacts the premium pay-out, so a bit of explanation is in order.  The premium pool for each class is dependent on the number of entries in each class.  This is simply the number of entries times $55.   The $55 is derived from each entry fee ($75) less the TSDA hold-back ($20).  The hold-back from the entries and the TSDA sanctioning fees collected during the year pay for the Finals.

Added money, when received, is added to the premium pool.  Unless the donor places some conditions on it, the added money will be distributed to each class proportionally to the number of entries in that class.  If there are some conditions on the money, e.g., the added money is to go to a particular class, then the donor’s wishes are followed.

For a number of years, TSDA has added $2,000 to the premium pool.  At the last Directors meeting, the Board again authorized $2,000 in added money, and it will be distributed proportionally according to the number of entries in each class.
With this year’s increase in the entry fee, significantly more money will go into the premium pool.   In essence, the Finals consists of two trials, and each handler is paying $37.50 for each trial.  For all classes other than Open, 20% of the premium pool for that class will be distributed according to TSDA guidelines to the top scores in the first go and 20% to the top scores in the second go.  The average (or combined) score from these two goes will be treated as a third go, and the remaining 60% will be distributed according to TSDA guidelines to the top average/combined scores.  This method has been the one used for many years.

Because the Open class has the double-lift (which makes for four pay-outs instead of three), the Board approved a 20/20/40/20 plan.  This differs from previous years because there was not a separate payout for the double-lift.  Beginning this year, the top scores of the first two goes will receive 20% each, the top average/combined scores will receive 40% of the distribution, and the top scores in the double-lift will receive 20% of the Open premium pool.  All of the distributions will be according to TSDA guidelines.

This year we will modify our set-out procedures because we ran into a fact of life.  For this weekend, we are down to two people in Texas with a horse and a suitable dog that are willing to set sheep.  They have agreed to work with a schedule that allows them to enjoy and participate in the Finals with a fresh dog.  The agreed upon schedule is that they will rotate the set out for the two Open goes and will both work the double-lift.  For the other classes, the Board was presented with an offer to have two cowboys on horseback set sheep without a dog.  After quite a bit of discussion, the Board decided that experienced handlers on foot with dogs could do a much more consistent and calm job, and the offer was declined.  Bruce Hawn has drawn the job of scheduling volunteers.  Obviously, our Finals will not work unless members step up and make it happen.  He is attempting to get enough volunteers so that everyone will be working for a limited time.   If necessary, we will adjust the running order so that volunteering can be accommodated.  No one will be penalized because he/she is performing a volunteer function.  The location of the set-out pens will be placed with this type of set out in mind.

The set-out and exhaust pens, course layout, etc. will be done Wednesday before the first Open go on Thursday.   All help is appreciated, so bring gloves, pliers (the lineman type works best), and zip-ties (8” is probably the most useful size).  With several people working, this job goes surprisingly fast.  The takedown is scheduled for Sunday morning.  We should be able to get this done in less than two hours (probably much less), and everyone can get an early start for home.
A lesson we have learned this year is that all of this with all of the changes takes a lot more time than we originally planned.  As a consequence we regret the last minute nature of some of the communications and decisions.  Next year will be better!
John Lewis, President


I have been asked to be in charge of organizing scribes for the finals.
Please call, text or email me at (325) 656-4888 or at holtranches@aol.com
if you can scribe. Finals is less than a month away so let me know as soon
as possible.

Thank you so much,

Pat Ashcraft and Elmarie Basson will be hosting a meal Friday evening for the finals.  They will furnish meat entrée and asking handlers to bring side dishes or dessert.  Everyone is invited to attend.  They had done this before and it is lots of fun.  So bring some of your favorite recipe and share.

Pat wants to remind everyone that the RV field doesn’t have water or electric.  Can provide water at the house or barn.

Jo Spurger is in charge of the Silent Auction.  This has always been a success and proceeds pays for the annual banquet meal on Saturday night.  If you have any questions contact Jo  at 817-559-0665 or email jo.spurger@att.net.

Oct 31st if deadline for entering finals, so get your entries in this week.  There will be different fields used this year and parking area.  Premium money pays  back 1st & 2nd go-round and average.

Check upcoming trials for 2018.  Most winter trials open entry date is Jan. 1, 2018.  Ft. Worth open entry is November 1 and closing on Dec. 5th with an entry limit of 75 per trial.  After the trial fills there will be a wait list.  No entries will be taken after Dec. 5.  This is not a TSDA rule but a Ft. Worth Stock Show rule.


One entry fee pays for both runs.One entry fee - One trial, 2 go-rounds

Field Captain, Upper Field:  Martha Howell
Field Captain, Lower Field:  Bruce Hawn
Sheep Wrangler:  Faansie Basson
Silent Auction:  Jo Spurger  817-559-0665
Banquet:  Kathy Lewis

Mail entries to TSDA, 2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, TX  76638.

Entry Fees have been raised to $75.00 - $55.00 payback, $20.00 trial expenses.
One entry fee pays for both runs.One entry fee - One trial, 2 go-rounds.
Payback in 1st go round, 2nd go round & average. 
Sheep replacement fee:  $250.00

The entry form will be changed on web site for all TSDA trials.  From this day forward NO ENTRIES accepted without signing the Entry Form and Release & Statement of Responsibility for each trial.  If you can't print  please let me know and I will mail you forms.  Handlers will not be allowed to compete without the release form being signed.  

We’ve gotten some feedback from members that our Finals have a certain amount of sameness.  To remedy this, the Directors voted to make some major changes for 2017.  The Finals will still be held at the Ashcraft Ranch, but numerous details have been changed.  The dates this year will be 9 – 11 November 2017.  Note that these dates are Thursday through Saturday.  We are committed (but not promising because we don’t yet know the number of entries) to have two complete runs for every class.  The Open class will have two runs plus a 40% runback for the double-lift.  The days and classes are as follows:

Thursday (11/9):  Open1running on the Upper field.This will be the only class running that day.
Friday (11/10):  Open2, OR1, Ranch1, Novice1, Nursery1   Open2 will run on the Upper field, and all the lower classes will run on the Lower field
Saturday (11/11):   Double-Lift Open, OR2, Ranch2, Novice2, Nursery2
The class order will be announced later.  

This schedule allows for the Silent Auction on Friday evening and the Banquet on Saturday evening.  Having the Banquet on Saturday evening after the Double-Lift allows all the awards to be presented.  Since we will have a full day of trialing on Saturday, the Banquet will be a celebration of the end of the trial and trial season and should be better attended than in past years.  Sunday morning, we will ask for volunteers to take down the courses (which ought to go pretty fast), and everyone can leave pretty quickly for home.
Another major change will be that the field layouts will be completely different and will bear no relation to the layout of previous years.  All the classes (except Open) will run on a different field for each trial.
Several other changes are planned, and the specific details will be posted on the Finals page of the TSDA website as they are finalized.  As we get closer to November, you are encouraged to check the website periodically.

Bio on 2017 Judges

Peter Morgan is 37 years old and lives in the North East coast of Ireland.  He farms 350 blackface ewes and they graze the famous Mourne Mountains. He is also a plastering contractor.   Peter started trialling in 2003, he was the young handler for Ireland that year and won the competition at the international. 
With peters very busy workload he doesn't get out to a lot of trials but on average he wins 3-4 opens every season. He was North of Ireland Double Lift Champion 2 years in a row and has represented Ireland twice. He ran in the European Nursery championships earlier this year and was 6th overall.
Peter has had the privilege of judging in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and just home from judging the Mediterranean Open final in Spain.  He enjoys it very much and is thankful for the opportunity to not only judge but to meet fellow dog enthusiasts in Texas.

Emyr Lloyd
Occupation: Dairy, beef and sheep farmer
Represented Welsh team and World team
2008= judged Welsh National Trials
2009 & 2010= judged in America- Wisconsin
Judged in Italy 5 times , including the Continental
Holland= pre-Continental Judge
Belgium= judged the qualifier
2014=Scotland- world qualifier trial judge
2015= judged international in Scotland
As well as this, I've also judged several one day trials in Wales & England.




From the intersection of US Hwy 67 and 281 (Hard Eight BQ on the nw corner).  Take US Hwy 67 toward Glen Rose.  Go approximately 5 miles and turn left on CR 175.  Go to first entrance on right.

GPS Address: 561 PR 1220, Stephenville, TX 76401

GPS Address: 561 PR 1220, Stephenville, TX 76401
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American Best Value  254-968-2114