2016 TSDA Sheepdog Finals ~ Nov. 11-13, 2016
Stephenville, TX

Trial Host: Pat Ashcraft
Entries Open: 10/01/2016
Entry Deadline: 11/01/2016
Mail Entries To: Francis Raley 2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, TX 76638

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open $50.00 / $40.00 2 Combined Scores Double Lift Final
Open Ranch $50.00 / $40.00 2 Combined Scores
Ranch $50.00 / $40.00 2 Combined Scores
Novice $50.00 / $40.00 2 Combined Scores
Nursery $50.00 / $40.00 2 Combined Scores
Trial Information
Start Time: 7 am
Handler Meeting: 6:45 am
TSDA Sanctioned
Trial Secretary: Francis Raley

nals Details
As everyone is aware, Central Texas has received quite a bit of rain, although the forecast is calling for a drier weather during the Finals.  Please make every effort not to leave ruts on Pat's ranch.  Park ALL campers, motor homes, etc. in the area in which we've parked in previous years (between the barn and the road).  Please keep vehicles off any area that has been marked, and definitely do not drive on any ground that has been seeded.  The Christensen camper (large, white toy hauler) will serve as the TSDA Administrative Headquarters; this is where Vivian and Francis will be located.  This camper will park at the end of the barn nearer the small field (on the RV side) so that it can plug in.  If you get there before they do, please do not block this area; you may be asked to move.
We will be doing the final course set-up and pen construction Thursday afternoon.  The actual start time is a bit indefinite, but when you see activity, help would be appreciated because this must be completed Thursday.  If you show up with gloves and pliers, this shouldn't take very long.  Likewise, we'll need help putting the burlap around the pens, but it goes quickly with several people.  Bring a small bag of cable ties; the 8" size is the easiest to work with.             
The Open handlers meeting will be at 6:45 both Friday and Saturday mornings.  The projected time is 13 minutes.  The Open Ranch class will start on the small field when enough sheep from the Open runs have been exhausted.  Typically, this takes at least 1-1/2 hours.  The class order on the small field will be Open Ranch, Ranch, Novice, and Nursery.  Emil Luedecke and Chris Thomson are responsible for the Open field, and Jamie Mitchell and Jimmy Walker are handling the small field.   We will announce the start time for the Sunday Double-Lift at the Banquet.
Don't forget the Silent Auction Friday evening and the Banquet on Saturday evening.  Proceeds from the Silent Auction pay for the Banquet (including the meal).  Please bring some nice items for the Auction and notify Vivian.  Friday evening, Chef Faansie will display his grilling skills, and the meal will start when he is done.  On Saturday night, the Banquet caterer will start serving about 6:30.
Good luck!


Class Run Order:  Friday:  Open Field #1 (7:00 am).  After a few  runs (about 9:30) the Open Ranch, Ranch, Novice and Nursery,  Be prepared for your run, can't granrunte any run times.

At the State finals is a good time to pay your 2017 dues,  Memberships run from Jan. 1 thru Dec. 31 of each year.
You can pay for several years if you like.  Don't want anyone not getting credit for  D/Y or qualifying runs because they haven't paid their yearly dues.

UPDATE:  Handlers, Members & Friends:  All are welcomed to a potluck dinner during the "Silent Auction" Friday night after the runs are over.  Pat & Elmarie are furnishing the meats,Soft drinks, tea and water  so bring your favorite side dishes and drinks. Silent auction is the way we finance the annual meeting and banquet which this year will be held at trial site in the barn.  This will be a nice time to meet and visit with our imported judges.  For information about dinner call Elmarie 720-503-7101 - for Silent Auction call Viv Christensen  #303-921-8653.  


Attention:  Short Board of Directors meeting after annual meeting and again Sunday morning at 8 am at the barn.


  1. Judges:  Colin Gordon, Wales - Sammy Long, Ireland
  2. TSDA Annual Meeting and Banquet will be Saturday night at 6 pm in the barn on trial site. .  There is no charge for the banquet.  Reminder to bring 2015 revolving trophies.  All year end award will be presented at banquet except for the Open class.
  3. Entries:  $50.00 all classes, Make checks to TSDA, 2915 Anderson Ln, Crawford, Tx  76638
  4. Payback:  $40.00 payback plus $2,000 added premium by TSDA, plus any sponssorship money collected    Pay 2 go-rounds plus average.  Pay by TSDA guidelines.
  5. Please observe  the dress code.
  6. Class Run Order:  Friday:  Open (7:00 am).  After a few  runs will begin the Open Ranch Class.  An update of run order after the closing date. 
  7. Open Class:  2 runs - 40% run back, clean slate for finals on Sunday.
  8. Friday/Saturday - 2 runs of Open Ranch, Ranch, Novice and Nursery.  Two runs in OR, Ranch, Novice, Nursery combined scores to determine winners.
  9. No dogs allowed that have not been vacinated and all puppies need to be kept in a pen or crate at all time, do not be walking them.



                                    Open----------- Welder Leshin LLP, , Corpus Christi, TX

                                    Open ranch--- Welder Leshin LLP, Corpus Christi, TX

                                    Ranch----------Stone Axe Farm , Martha & Bill Howell, San Angelo, TX

                                    Novice---------Ross Lambert, Dublin, TX

                                    Nursery-------John & Kathy Lewis, Fredericksburg, TX

                                                      DOG OF THE YEAR BUCKLES

                                    Open----------Steve Drake, Houston, TX

                                    Open ranch--Steve Drake, Houston, TX

                                    Ranch-------- Welder Leshin LLP, Corpus Christi, TX

                                    Novice--------Peg Miller Johnson

                                    Nursery------ Welder Leshin LLP,  Corpus Christi, TX


From the intersection of US Hwy 67 and 281 (Hard Eight BQ on the nw corner).  Take US Hwy 67 toward Glen Rose.  Go approximately 5 miles and turn left on CR 175.  Go to first entrance on right.

GPS Address: 561 PR 1220, Stephenville, TX 76401
Hotel Information

Hotel Information

American Best Value Cross Timbers Motel. 
Phone # 254-968-2114