Ft. Stockton SDT ~ Mar. 5-7, 2015(Triple Crown)
Ft. Stockton, TX

Entries Open: 01/01/2015
Entry Deadline: 02/27/2015
Mail Entries To: Francis Raley 2915 Anderson Lane, Crawford, TX 76638

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open $50.00 / Afer Expenses 2
Open Ranch $50.00 / Afer Expenses 2
Ranch $50.00 / Afer Expenses 2
Novice $50.00 / Afer Expenses 2
Nursery $50.00 / Afer Expenses 2
Trial Information
Start Time: Daylight
USBCHA & TSDA Sanctioned
Trial Secretary: Francis Raley

Trial date March 5, 6, & 7

  • Run Order: Run the first open on the 5th, the lower classes twice on the 6th, and the second go of the open on the 7th. 
  • Judge:  Frankie McCullough is a lifelong sheep farmer and contract shepherd along with being sheepdog trials competitor.    He has judged many sheepdog trials in Ireland and other countries, as well.
  • Trial #2 will be Triple Crown Trial
  • Classes Open, nursery, open ranch, ranch, novice
  • Open will start Thursday morning at daylight and run continously  untill we are through
  • Sheep will be yearling ramboulet ewes
  • Entry fees $50 will payback all of the entry fee plus added money
  • Judge TBA
  • We have $4500 added from Ft. Stockton but will pay for sheep, judge, feed, sanction fees, and setout help then put the rest in the pot.
  • limit 2 dogs per handler per class but can send extra check for third dog in case we are short on entries.

Trial is located at the gun club, off the south service road east of town on IH 10.  "At I10 exit 261, get on south service road going east (away from town). Travel about 1 mile to GUN CLUB entry, it is a cattle guard.  Trial site is 300 yds or so into the gun club property.