Ft. Stockton SDT ~ Feb. 8-11, 2014
Ft. Stockton, TX
Contact: Herbert & Alison Holmes (e) herbert@holmesbordercollies.com (p) 830-683-7515
Entries Open: 01/02/2014
Entry Deadline: 01/30/2014
Mail Entries To: Monika Treadway 602 County Road 618, Hamilton, TX 76531

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open $60.00 / Afer Expenses 3
Open Ranch $60.00 / Afer Expenses 2
Nursery $15.00 / No payback 2
Trial Information
USBCHA & TSDA Sanctioned
Trial Secretary: Monika Treadway

  • OR/Nursery Combined Classes
  • Mail Entries To: Monika Treadway, PO Box 206, Pottsville, TX 76565  (Checks payable to: Monika Treadway Trial Account)
  • Premiums not paid by TSDA guidelines.
  • Judge:  Derek Fisher, ID
  • 3 open runs. 50 dog limit $60 entry fee. All money after expenses paid back. ( last year paid 85% of entry back)
  • Open ranch / nursery   2 runs.
  • Open ranch fees $60. Payback all over expenses.
  • Nursery fees $15 no payback.  Enter both pay both fees for one run.  Entry's limited in these classes.
  • Open and nursery handlers run as many dogs as you want unless trial fills. Then the numbers might be restricted.
  • We will run to a standard to accommodate entry's.
  • Kids class Sunday no entry no payback. 12 years or younger.  Any dog.
  • Will run Open on Saturday then determine the rest when we get entries in.  
  • Checks cashed on entry  closing date. 
  • Entry open on January 2. Close January 30. No automatic refunds after entry closes.
  • Fresh sheep. Harsh weather. Good times each evening.