Wine Glass SDT Cancelled

By Francis Raley on Dec. 17, 2012 at 05:10 PM

Texas Winter Trial Update:

Due to the effects of the continuing drought in Texas, Wine Glasss SDT 2013 has been cancelled. We're hopeful the trial will be held again next year.

Wind Chill SDT and Top of the Hill SDT 2013 will be held with the following changes:

Top of the Hill SDT new date: Feb 23-26, 2013

Top of the Hill Double Lift Gather: The 10 high scoring Open dogs from Wind Chill and Top of the Hill will compete in the Double Lift Gather--the 5 scores from both trials will be combined (your lowest score will be dropped) to select the top 10 dogs.

We hope you'll join us  February 15-19, Wind Chill SDT, and February 23-26, Top of the Hill SDT.

Thanks, Monika Treadway