Wind Chill Ranch/Novice Trials

By Francis Raley on Mar. 13, 2013 at 11:42 AM

Here are the received entries to date for Wind Chill Ranch/Novice SDT, March 23:  

Jo Spurger--Jack/Ruff  Ranch x 2

Barry Lambert--Gill  Ranch x 2

John Hodge--Duchness  Novice x 2

Aimee Mick--Dixie  Novice x 2

Rick Cannon--Jolie/Roxie  Novice x 2

David Miller--Cait  Novice x 2

Lisa Spurger--Meg/Kase  Novice x 2

Closing date for entries is tomorrow, March 14--if you're planning to enter please be sure to let me know.