Stephenville SDT Update

By Francis Raley on Feb. 17, 2016 at 12:41 PM

Can you please add the following info for the Stephenville trial.

Due to the huge amount of entries we  will  be running two fields.

Handlers meeting 6:45 am everyday

Starting time will be 7am or as soon as we have enough light.

                                  Field A   (Judge: Ellen Skillings)

Friday 26th      :    Open 1                 

Saturday 27th :  Finishing  Open 1 
                          Nursery 1
                          Nursery  2 
                          Start  Open 2

Sunday 28th :   Finishing Open 2

                                   Field B

Saturday 27th :   Open Ranch1           ( Judge Dennis Edwards)
                           Ranch 1
                           Open Ranch 2         (Judge Jimmy Walker)
                           Ranch 2

Saturday night prize giving and dinner. Meat will be grilled please bring side dished and  salads. Bring own drinks , soft drinks will be available.

If there is any questions please contact me at 7204830648