Start Time Sand Rock

By Francis Raley on Oct. 4, 2018 at 07:22 PM

Open – Handlers meeting Thursday evening around 6:00 at the Open Field
Open Start time will be at daylight on Friday, Sat & Sunday

We have a lot of open dogs to get in so Open Field takes priority.

Open Ranch  - Start Time will be approximately 9:00 each day.   Handlers Meeting will be prior to start time.
Nursery -  We will run Nursery right after Open Ranch.   There will be a short break for the Judges
between O/R and Nursery.

Wait List
1.       Thomas, Christy  - Skye
2.       Rock, Donna  - Jack (Sat Only)
3.       Kronberger, Charly – Britt (Sat Only)
4.       Fleming, Wyatt – Ava
5.       Schreeder, Marianna – Nell (3rd dog)
6.       Nunn, Nancy – Joe (3rd dog)