Shallow Creek Driving Champs Results

By Francis Raley on Apr. 23, 2012 at 09:03 PM


Emil has his surgery this morning.  I will post when Allen gives us a report.

Nursery dogs results are listed in the OR results, Richard will move out the Nursery dogs sometime today.

Congratulations to Martha Howell for being the Shallow Creek Open Driving Champ.  John Lewis,
Allen Mills and Martha were the top three high scorers (combined two runs).  They picked up 20 

sheep in front of the post, turned at post and drove the sheep straight up the course through
the fetch panels 
to set out spot.  It was fun to watch and wasn't an easy task. 
Martha Howell/Tim - 229
Allen Mills/Sis - 220
John Lewis/Fly - 217

Thanks to all to help clerk set out and gathered score sheet.