Second picture on home page

By Francis Raley on Apr. 28, 2012 at 06:43 AM


The Horseman picture on home page has been donated to the "silent auction" for Emil's trial.
Thanks to Barry Lambert for donating the picture .  Remember if you have items for the auction 

please let Allen Mills know so he can have paper work done before the trial.

"In Spirit" entries are coming in for Emil's trial as well as entries.  Please send entries in early
so arrangements can be made for sheep and food.  A local 4-H club will be operating a
concession stand serving breakfast and lunch.

Spoke with Emil and he is taking it easy, but can use his whistle.  He is pleased with his progress
and wants to get back working with the dogs.

Premium checks for Bluebonnet and Shallow Creek is being mailed today.  Sorry for the delay
in sending Bluebonnet checks but this has been a busy two weeks.  Thanks to everyone that
helped with the trials, it would be impossible to host trials if handlers did not help in many ways.