RV Parking at Aggie & Stephen/Hardy SDT

By Francis Raley on Jul. 23, 2012 at 07:57 PM

Two RV parking areas are located on the A&M campus a few blocks from the trial arena. They are handled by the Texas A&M Transportation Services.

Penberthy is a (very) large parking lot next to the tennis courts (George P. Mitchell Tennis Center) It is $25/night and includes water and electricity. There is enough grass on the periphery to walk dogs. It is usually pretty quiet unless there is a tennis tournament going on. Most of the time, I have been the only RV in 50 - 75 spaces.

The Olsen Field (for baseball) RV parking is also large and a little prettier (more trees and grass), but is near the railroad tracks, and the tracks are in use. It is $30/night and includes electricity and water. If a baseball game is underway, the parking lot is a madhouse (lots of tailgate parties).

Google "Texas A&M RV Parking" for the phone number and details. Make reservations at least a week in advance because they will send you a parking pass, map, etc. by mail. The young lady will ask you for a credit card number. When you get your map, the best way to either site from George Bush Drive is to turn northwest (the only way you can turn) onto Olsen Drive;
there is a traffic light and a left turn lane. From Olsen Drive, turn right into the first parking lot to the Olsen Field RV parking area. If you are going to Penberthy, continue on Olsen Drive and turn left after two stop signs onto Tom Chandler Drive. Tom Chandler Drive dead-ends into the Penberthy parking lot (and RV parking area). If you look at the map, you will be tempted to turn take a shortcut to Penberthy by turning left from George Bush Drive onto Penberthy Drive. There is a solid median there, and you will scrape the bottom off your camper (not recommended).