Proposed Rule Change - USBCHA Sanctioning for Open and Nursery classes at the Finals

By Jeri Jessee on Sep. 13, 2023 at 08:24 PM

In April, the Board voted for the Open and Nursery classes at the Finals to be sanctioned by the USBCHA.  (Note, this would not be in effect this year.)

Proposed details as to how this would work are as follows:

  • Preliminary runs for Open and Nursery to be sanctioned.
  • Double lift finals not to be sanctioned and only open to TSDA members and their qualified dogs who have advanced from the preliminary rounds.  Hence, TSDA Open Champion will be a TSDA member.
  • To be eligible for TSDA Nursery Champion, a Nursery dog must  have competed in 5 TSDA trials (each trial a "Qualifying Run").
  • TSDA Nursery Champion will be the highest placing TSDA member and their qualified dog.
  • When reporting results to USBCHA, any over age dogs will need to be removed.

The Board plans to vote on the details at the next meeting so if you have any feedback please email us at:

Thank you.