Overview of the Nursery Class Requirements, January 15, 2016

By Francis Raley on Jan. 15, 2016 at 10:27 AM

Overview of the Nursery Class Requirements:

Each year we have had questions and misunderstandings about requirements for Nursery dogs.  The rules pertaining to this class can be confusing, especially for handlers new to this class.  Here is a run-down of some of the requirements specific to running a Nursery dog.

In Texas, the Nursery and Open classes are usually sanctioned by both the USBCHA and TSDA.  The Novice, Ranch, and Open Ranch classes are sanctioned only by the TSDA.  With the exception of the Nursery class, all the classes sanctioned by the TSDA follow the TSDA trial year (from Texas Finals to Texas Finals).

Several years ago, the TSDA Board elected to follow the USBCHA trial year and age requirements for the Nursery class.  This was done because, at that time, the TSDA Nursery year was different from the USBCHA and every other state.  The USBCHA rules list the age requirements: “A dog is eligible for the Nursery Finals if its third birthday falls on or after July 1 of the year in which that Nursery Final is held.”  For the USBCHA, the end of the trial year is August 1, so the end of the trial year for the TSDA Nursery class also became August 1.  This date impacts calculating the five trials necessary to qualify for the Texas Finals: only runs made before August 1 will count when calculating the five runs necessary to compete in that year’s Texas Finals.  Nursery runs made after August 1 of each year count toward the following TSDA trial year, which begins after the Texas Finals.

If you plan to compete with a Nursery dog (and have thoughts about the National Nursery Finals), keep the following in mind:

• For the USBCHA to count your Nursery (or Open) run, you must be a member of the USBCHA before you go to the post of a sanctioned trial.  The dues year for USBCHA begins January 1. 

• You must be a member of TSDA and your dues paid before you go to the post (in any class) to earn TSDA points and to have the run counted for the Texas Finals.

• The TSDA Secretary (Francis) must have a copy of your dog’s registration (to prove your dog qualifies for the Nursery class).  The USBCHA will also require a copy if you enter the National Nursery Finals.

• The USBCHA requires that a minimum of five dogs run in a Nursery class before that class is sanctioned.  TSDA does not have this requirement.

• To be eligible to enter the National Nursery Finals, at least twice, you must place in the top 20% of Nursery dogs at a sanctioned trial (each placing is colloquially called a “leg”).

• ABCA membership is required to run in the National Finals.  The ABCA dues year begins January 1.