Note from Emil Luedecke

By Francis Raley on Jan. 7, 2013 at 09:18 AM

The TSDA had a great year last year with a lot of entries in the trials and good number of trials. The finals went off with out a hitch with a record number of entries and everything went smooth because of al of the volunteer help. An event like this needs several people helping and I want to thank everyone that helped. I will start off with thanking Pat Ashcraft for her nice ranch and her sheep. next I want to thank Barry Lambert, Linda Spindor and Max Tipton for helping raising donations to help pay for the finals and also for the added money.I would like to thank Ron Enzeroth, Allen Mills, Gary Young, Chuck Riley, Barry Lambert, and John Lewis and anybody else that helped set up and take down the coarses, I want to thank Francis and Barb for work at the finals, keeping the scores posted on the board and on the internet also. I would like to thank anyone else that helped and that I did not mention. I feel like we had a very successful  finals this year and I want to congratulate all of the winners. We have started the new year and I want to wish everyone a very successful year and safe traveling.
We had some bad news this morning Max Tipton had some complications and passed away early this morning in a Stephenville hospital. We want to keep his family in our prayers.