Meet our Finals Judges!

By Jeri Jessee on Jul. 30, 2022 at 09:52 PM

Angie Coker-Sells
Angie lives on her family’s ranch in central Oklahoma with her husband Scott and daughter Kyann. They maintain a flock of 300 White Dorper ewes, a small herd of Kiko goats and Angus cross cows.

Angie has been trialing and training Border Collies for 31 years. To date she is the youngest person to win the USBCHA Open Finals and the first handler to win Open and Reserve Championships at the same Finals.  She is the second of only 4 women to have won the Open Finals.  

Additionally Angie is a twice Reserve National Champion , twice National Nursery Champion , Meeker Classic Champion and Solider Hollow Champion.
Angie has the honor of being the first woman from North America to judge the finals and has judged it twice, The  Bluegrass Classic twice and the first person from North America to judge The Meeker Classic, in addition to numerous other trials across the country over the years.

Jimmy Walker 
Jimmy has been a member of the Texas Sheepdog Association since 1983.  He has served on the Board of Directors many times and assisted in the planning and running of the TSDA Finals during those tenures.  In the early days of the reorganization of the TSDA he won the American Bred Open Dog of the Year.  He has Open wins at many of the Texas trials over the years as well as having won Open Ranch Dog of the Year and Open Ranch Finals Champion 3 times. 

Jimmy has competed in the Texas Finals Double Lift many times and has judged numerous Open Trials in Texas.  He said he looks forward to being one half of the team that will be evaluating his fellow Texas handlers on this most difficult course.

Cathy Scott 
Cathy has been involved with training animals since 1976.  She spent 27 years working in zoos and aquariums where she was involved with training marine mammals and putting on shows and demonstrations for visitors. She first started working with border collies in 1996 when her husband’s job took her away from the zoo and aquarium world.  Cathy’s desire to continue training brought her to Border Collies.  She began trialing in 2003 and has competed in USBCHA trials around Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky.

Cathy began judging trials in 2018 and has judged trials in Oklahoma for Oak Tree Border Collies including benefit trials for Mid States Stock Dog Association.  She also has judged trials in Texas for Goracke’s Border Collies as well as cattle trials in Missouri for Mid-States Stock Dog Association.