Jo Anne Noble Update

By Francis Raley on Jul. 30, 2016 at 11:16 AM

Hi All –

With acknowledgements to Kenny Rogers & the First Addition’s 1968 song, I just stopped by to tell you what condition my condition was in.

Over the last couple of months I have been anemic and fatigued so I went back to my oncologist.  Last Thursday night my oncologist called me to say that tests and a bone biopsy indicated I had Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), the good news is it is very treatable with 80% success rate and treatment is only 4 weeks long.  AML is a side effect of the chemo I received last year.  Normally people develop it 10-20 years after chemo, but I had to be different and develop it 1 year after chemo.  The unfortunate news is that treatment is in the hospital because of the risk of infection and my doc had me admitted this past Monday and started chemo. 

All is well on the home front; I have had a dear friend staying at the house the last few weeks as she is going through a divorce.  She is a dog person and is looking after my place and taking care of all the dogs and critters.  Other friends are taking care of the sheep at the ranch grazing lease.

I am in Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, oncology wing room 897.  I am under extraordinary good care here. Top notch, caring, and companionate.  While on chemo my daily routine is working remotely for work and required exercise 3 times a day, and a nap as needed (grin).  I am in contact by email, text, and phone so I am not actually on the dark side of the moon with communications.  Because of infection control, I cannot have flowers or fruit.  Oh, and the chemo makes my hair fall out so I had my head shaved by my hair dresser before checking in the hospital.  I still have my scarves from my previous chemo.

Now you know what condition my condition is in. Staying strong. Best to all.

Jo Anne Noble