How to join TexassheepdogsYahoo Group

By Francis Raley on Jan. 11, 2018 at 12:35 PM

TSDA has several ways to communicate with members, web site, private emails, phone and  On TSDA web site there is “New” bottom right corner of home page.  Special messages are posted when necessary so please check that link daily.  forum is a way to send excel charts from a trial site or update trial information.  It is a very reliable way to communicate.  I would like for all TSDA members to be on the Yahoo group, then I know I’m reaching all members.  With the web site and yahoo group we should have all communications solved.  Kay Stephens is the moderator of the yahoo group.  Email me at if corrections need to be made.  Directions are below on how to join Texassheepdogs .forum list.

Entries for the winter trials are how being posted to web.  You will notice the number of entries in each trial – they have exploded.  Some changes will have to be made, like number of dogs per class, maybe have to start a day early, etc. so check the web daily.  2018 is off to a good start so stay tuned to TSDA web site and yahoo group.

Richard Mueller is also doing updates to web site.  If you have some pictures to share for the web site please send them to Richard.  Some of the pictures of handlers on web are now beginning to look young, so it is time to change.  Richard spends most of his free time improving the web site, so send in your pictures.  We are fortunate to have Richard on our team.  

Thanks,  Francis

The Texas Sheep Dog is a Yahoo email group and also allows files and photos to be uploaded to the group.

To join the Texas Sheep Dog list-

1. Go to Yahoo Groups ( you can Google Yahoo Groups and the page will come up in your browser)

2. Once you are on the Yahoo Groups page, look at the top of the page, there will be a place to Search Groups.

3. Type in Texassheepdogs in the search box

4. That should take you to the Texas Sheep Dog Group page.

5. The top of the page should have a link to click on that says "Join Group"

6. Click on the join group link. It will ask you for your email address and for you to say something about yourself, if desired.

7. It will send an email to the group moderator, Kay Stephens, to approve the new membership. She'll approve it and you are good to go.

If for some reason, you can't get this to work you can email Kay directly and she can help you get signed up.