Henry Spurger

By Francis Raley on Dec. 5, 2018 at 12:24 PM

The passing of 97 year old Henry Spurger, father of Jo Spurger and friend of TSDA,  marks the end of a life dedicated to his ideals, his family and his friends along with having faithfully served his country during World War 2.
   A lifetime dairy farmer and rancher, Henry was a strong believer in development of working cowhorses and useful working dogs. 
    Not well known as a dog trial person as his skills were pretty much limited to  helping friends train and develop their dogs.  Henry was always available to bring out the best in a working dog and it's trainer. His background support for  a working Sheepdog organization was well known even though he remained out of sight. 
  Henry's greatest concerns were for his family who will sorely miss his love his thoughts and presence.  He was well known for his love of country.
   Please offer prayers for the family during this time.