Finals Update

By Francis Raley on Nov. 9, 2016 at 06:50 PM

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As everyone is aware, Central Texas has received quite a bit of rain, although the forecast is calling for a drier weather during the Finals.  Please make every effort not to leave ruts on Pat's ranch.  Park ALL campers, motor homes, etc. in the area in which we've parked in previous years (between the barn and the road).  Please keep vehicles off any area that has been marked, and definitely do not drive on any ground that has been seeded.  The Christensen camper (large, white toy hauler) will serve as the TSDA Administrative Headquarters; this is where Vivian and Francis will be located.  This camper will park at the end of the barn nearer the small field (on the RV side) so that it can plug in.  If you get there before they do, please do not block this area; you may be asked to move.
We will be doing the final course set-up and pen construction Thursday afternoon.  The actual start time is a bit indefinite, but when you see activity, help would be appreciated because this must be completed Thursday.  If you show up with gloves and pliers, this shouldn't take very long.  Likewise, we'll need help putting the burlap around the pens, but it goes quickly with several people.  Bring a small bag of cable ties; the 8" size is the easiest to work with.             
The Open handlers meeting will be at 6:45 both Friday and Saturday mornings.  The projected time is 13 minutes.  The Open Ranch class will start on the small field when enough sheep from the Open runs have been exhausted.  Typically, this takes at least 1-1/2 hours.  The class order on the small field will be Open Ranch, Ranch, Novice, and Nursery.  Emil Luedecke and Chris Thomson are responsible for the Open field, and Jamie Mitchell and Jimmy Walker are handling the small field.   We will announce the start time for the Sunday Double-Lift at the Banquet.
Don't forget the Silent Auction Friday evening and the Banquet on Saturday evening.  Proceeds from the Silent Auction pay for the Banquet (including the meal).  Please bring some nice items for the Auction and notify Vivian.  Friday evening, Chef Faansie will display his grilling skills, and the meal will start when he is done.  On Saturday night, the Banquet caterer will start serving about 6:30.
Good luck!

John Lewis