Emil Luedecke

By Francis Raley on Jun. 3, 2013 at 06:20 AM


Emil will be going home today.

Emil Luedecke

701 FM  146
Zephyr, TX 76890



Emil is in very good spirits and feeling some better.  He will begin chemo in about a
month.  Doesn't know yet what day he will go home.




I spoke with Emil this afternoon, he is now in a private room.  He has been
sitting in a chair all day, eating all the good  hospitals food. 
He thinks that most likely it will be Sunday or Monday before he goes home.



Jimmy (Emil's brother) called and said that they removed Emil's breathing tube and that he is progressing ok.   He is still in ICU.   He is in good spirits considering what he is going through.



Need to bring everyone up to date on Emil.  He is to have colon surgery on May 28th  at Scott & White in Temple.  He expects to be in the hospital for three to four days.  As always he is in good spirits and has a positive attitude.  At this time he has put his trip to Colorado on hold. 

Emil Luedecke, 701 FM 1467, Zephyr, TX.  76890