Bluebonnet SDT Updte

By Francis Raley on Mar. 10, 2016 at 12:33 PM

Attention Crawford SDT Handlers:  Because of the amount of rain and not knowing for sure projected rainfall for Friday and Saturday morning RV trailers must not park inside. Cars and pickups can park inside.  No traffic to trial site.  Bring chairs.

In Crawford there is a RV park.  At caution light (only light in Crawford) turn east on FM 185 (Cedar Rock Pkwy), turn left just before bridge going out of town, you will see RV’S. 

Register at Crawford City hall  #254-486-2125 open till 4:30, $27.00 per night.  After hall closes call Danitta at 254-722-5234 and she will meet you at City Hall.  If you email her at she will send you registration form, you fill it out and drop fees in “drop in box” at the park.

We are sorry to ask not to bring RV’S to trial site, but heavy trailers could get stuck.  Area has received already over 5 inches of rain.  More rain is projected for Friday and Saturday morning clearing out by noon.  As always next week will be clear and in 70’s.
E.B. Raley will be on hand to pickup handlers/dogs for those that can’t unhook to drive out to trial site.
He will have crates in pickup and most likely pulling a dog trailer.

Thank you for understanding and will see you Saturday, call one of the numbers below if you have a problem, or if you need a ride to trial site.

E.B. Raley# 254-744-8217
Francis Raley #254-715-1290
Jerry Lynch  #254-723-6268