Armadillo Update

By Francis Raley on Nov. 2, 2016 at 06:44 AM

Armadillo SDT Update (11/1/2016)

Final preparations are underway for the Armadillo.  The number of entries is gratifying, and I appreciate the support that everyone is showing by attending.  On Friday and Saturday, we will have the Open handlers meeting at 7:30; disregard the times on the TSDA website.  The website gives the Friday and Saturday class order as Open, Open Ranch, and Nursery.  There is the possibility that we may not have enough time (I estimate we will need about an hour) to run Nursery on those days. If it appears we won’t be able to complete Nursery, both goes will be rescheduled to Sunday morning before Ranch class starts.

"Entries for Open, Open Ranch, and Nursery are closed.  Entries for Ranch and Novice will be accepted until class start."