Aquilla Open Update

By Francis Raley on Oct. 21, 2017 at 07:53 AM

Because of the number of entries, here’s what I would like to do.  I will have a 2nd field set up.  I intend to run all of the second trial on field 2.  However, I’m going to have the Nursery do it in reverse order.  On Friday afternoon, while the Open Ranch is running on Field 1, the field behind the house, I want to have a Nursery handler’s meeting at 3:30 and run the Nursery on Field 2 at 4:00.  Field 2 is the same field we ran the Novice trial on but the course will run the full length of the field not across.  We should finish the Open and Open Ranch on Field 1 and the 1st Nursery on Field 2.  Then Saturday morning the Nursery will start the day with it’s 2nd run on Field 1.  Followed by the Ranch and Novice.  When the Novice starts, about 11:30, Open 2 will have a handlers meeting on Field 2 and we’ll try to run all of Open 2 Saturday afternoon.  If time permits, we’ll start Open Ranch 2.  Sunday we finish Open Ranch 2 and then Ranch 2 and Novice 2. 

Thanks,  Jimmy