Aggie & Stephen/Hardy SDT

By Francis Raley on Aug. 22, 2012 at 10:21 AM


Both Aggie and Stephen/Hardy trials will begin at 9 am.

We will keep taking entries for the Sunday Aggie trial until Weds August 22 or until we reach our limit of 60 dogs. We are now taking more than 2 dogs/handler for Sunday.

Remember the Sunday trial is separate from the Saturday trial. Each trial offers two trial runs of each class. Pearce Pavilion is air conditioned and crating of dogs inside is permitted. The course set up and the stock used will be different for Saturday and Sunday so a good chance to get some variety in your trialling experience.

Have extended the entry dates through next Weds, the 22.





There are two spots open for the Saturaday Aggie Trial.  Please enter as soon as possible.



There is not longer a waiting list for the Saturday Aggie trial.  All entries has made it into the trial.


We still have entries open for the Sunday Aggie Trial.

Remember that there are two separate days of Aggie Trials.

The Saturday event is two trials and the Sunday event is two trial runs. So  you can get four separate trial runs in one weekend in one convenient location in the  ICY COLD Air Conditioning. 

The two days are separate from each other and have to be entered as two separate events. So if you've entered for one day but want to run both days, please let Francis know as soon as possible. The Saturday event is full, but we still have several spots available in the Sunday trial.

After the 17th, we will start accepting a third and fourth dog per handler for the Sunday trial if we haven't reached our  limit of 120 runs.

The Sunday trial will run on dorper/rambouillet/mix yearlings. These sheep have not been worked a lot so should be reasonably fresh. We're planning to have a stock trailer with a panel wing for the pen similar to what we did a few years ago, which everyone seemed to enjoy as a fun and different challenge.

Don't forget the Dr. Joanne Hardy has graciously offered a tour of the new MRI facility at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine on Saturday evening.

I'll have my BAER machine to test hearing at the trial, so if you aren't sure if your dog is just ignoring you or just can't hear you, it's a great chance to find out. I also do an otoscopic exam of  the dog's ears at the same time to check for ear infections.

Hope to see everyone there !