2017 Finals Update John Lewis

By Francis Raley on Sep. 21, 2017 at 06:46 AM

                                                                Finals Update (September, 2017)

I apologize I did not have this document ready before we posted the change in entry fee.  Sometimes my other life intrudes.

The TSDA Board of Directors met (on 9/14) via teleconference and discussed (and passed) items directly impacting the members.  A recurring discussion item has been the inexorable increase in cost of putting on the Finals.  The cost is certain to exceed $10,000 this year and is likely more than the Association’s annual income. TSDA has two sources of income:  sanctioning fees and “holdback” from the Finals entries; “added money” usually goes into the premium pool.  After some discussion, the Directors decided to raise the entry fee from $50 to $75 (per dog, not per run), with the holdback increasing from $10 to $20.  The remaining $55, plus any added money, will be part of the premium pool.  This year, for the first time, we made sure everyone entering the Finals will have two runs; Open handlers qualifying for the double-lift will get three.

In other business, the generic TSDA entry form was modified to adequately protect the Association, trial hosts, landowners, etc.  The previous version was written in a simpler time and was basically inadequate for today’s world.  We will begin using the new form immediately.  To protect itself, the TSDA is requiring that this form be signed before a handler goes to the post as a condition of entry to TSDA-sanctioned trials. 

The Finals are undergoing a number of other changes this year.  The dates are 9 – 11 November, which is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  This was changed so that we can recognize the Open Double-Lift Champion at the banquet and annual meeting on Saturday night.  Much of the following information is a repeat, but, because of the large number of changes, we need to remind everyone.

I’ve designated the trial fields as “Upper” and “Lower.”  It will be obvious which field is which.  Parking for both vehicles and campers will be on the Upper field.  Viewing both fields is easily accomplished from the parking area.  Please do not park campers in the area next to Pat’s barn (where we previously parked).  To reach the Upper field, continue past Pat’s entrance on CR 175 about 3/8 mile and turn in (right) at the double gate.  The location will be marked, and park in the designated area.  The road past Pat’s house that we used in previous years leads into the Lower field and will be blocked.  To get all the runs in, we’ll likely have to start at dawn, but we’ll announce a real start time when we know the number of entries.

The Finals will begin on Thursday with Open1 running on the Upper field.  This will be the only class running that day.  On Friday, Open2 will run on the Upper field, and all the lower classes will run on the Lower field.  The class order will be announced later.  We will have our Silent Auction and a pot luck dinner at Pat’s barn Friday evening (time to be announced).  Proceeds from the Silent Auction usually cover the costs of the Banquet.

On Saturday, the Double-Lift will be on the Lower field, and the second go of the lower classes will run concurrently on the Upper field.  The banquet, annual meeting, and awards ceremony will be held that evening at Pat’s barn.  All handlers and one guest are invited (time to be announced) for the celebration and recognition the Dogs of the Year and Finals Champions.

On Sunday morning, we request assistance in taking down the courses and the pens.  With a few people helping on each field, this will go very quickly and everyone can get an early start home.