2013 TSDA Membership

By Francis Raley on Dec. 12, 2012 at 04:48 PM

• MEMBERSHIP REMINDER - 2013 membership dues and due 1-1-13
1. Membership is not required to compete in a TSDA trial.
2. Dues are paid annually, January 1 through December 31, and are based on the membership level.
a. Participating Membership: $25 This level is for handlers who want to compete in TSDA trials and receive Dog of the Year points, run in the Finals trial, and vote in TSDA elections.
b. Family Membership: $25, first member; $10, each additional member This level is for family members living in the same household. Each member has the same privileges as the Participating Member. The household receives only one (1) newsletter.
c. Associate Membership: $15 This level is for individuals who do not regularly compete but wish to receive the TSDA newsletter. They may not run as a paid member nor vote in TSDA elections.
d. All membership levels receive a newsletter.
3. Participating or Family Membership is required before going to the post in order to receive Dog of the Year and qualifying points.
4. The membership elects the Board of Directors.
5. You must be a paid member to receive a free classified ad