Goracke Open Ranch, Nursery Trials ~ Jul. 14-15, 2012

Brashear, TX

Contact: Stephanie Goracke (e) mike.goracke@yahoo.com (p) 972-658-5187

Entry Deadline: 07/11/2012
Mail Entries To: Stephanie Goracke 1787 CR 1170, Brashear, TX 75420

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  (Entry/Payback) Trials    
Open Ranch $20.00 / No payback 2
Nursery $20.00 / No payback 2
*Open Ranch and Nursery Combined
Class Order: Open Ranch, Nursery

Trial Information

Handler Meeting: 6;45
USBCHA & TSDA Sanctioned
Trial Secretary: Stephanie Goracke

Start Time:  July 14th 7 pm      July 15th 7 am

$20 entry fee, no payback.  If runnig in both OR and Nurs, entry fee $40, one run.
Must have at least 8 dogs each day.