TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Jun. 1, 2012

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Effective May 28, 2012 TSDA B/D accepted the resignation of Herbert Holmes as Director.  
Effective May 31, 2012 TSDA B/D accepted the resignation of Steve Rhidenour as Director.

Allen Mills in accordance with Article 6.5 of the TSDA By-laws placed the name of Emil Luedecke to fill the unexpired term of Steve Rhidenour, who resigned as President of the board and also resigned from the board.  Allen Mills motioned that Emil be appointed to the TSDA Board in the position of President by acclamation, seconded by Gary Young.  Motion passed.

   Allen Mills, yes                 Mary Calder, yes                     Chuck Riley, yes
   Chris Thomson, yes        Roger Schroeder, yes             Gary Young, yes

By action of the Board, effective this date 6/1/12, Emil Luedecke has been appointed to fill a vacancy  for a Directionship.  The Board, also, appointed Mr. Luedecke as interim president for the remainder of Mr. Rhidenour's term (20

Francis Raley, 6/1/12




Francis Raley - Jun. 1, 2012