TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Nov. 26, 2019


Texas Sheep Dog Association
Board of Directors Meeting
November 26, 2019
Conference Call
The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Texas Sheep Dog Association was held November 26, 2019 via conference call.  President Jack Christensen called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Roll was called with all Directors being present:  Lurena Bell, Jackie Bludworth, Bob Caruthers, Jack Christensen, Vivian Christensen, Steve Drake, Jeri Jessee, Keelee Page, Brent Phelps, and Bruce Hawn.

The minutes from the prior meeting were approved with the change to be made that Jackie Bludworth was also elected to the Board.

Vivian provided the Secretary’s report.  A breakdown of the Finals payout was previously distributed with everything being in balance.  Still a few refunds to be written for dogs who did not have enough qualifying runs.  The computer problem has been rectified.  Arizona is sending the information for their trials to be loaded on the website.  Online entry functionality has been fixed from the admin perspective.  Gatesville will be online only; however, Vivian will manually enter for those who have any issues with online entry.  Jackie and Keelee volunteered to assist with keeping points manually as a backup to the system.  External hard drives were discussed; Steve to research and source.

Jeri provided a financial update; board report and Finals P&L were previously distributed.  Current bank balance of $14,409 + 2980.53 checking; $11,085.92 savings and $11,529.09 in trial account.  Payout checks have been written and are starting to clear the bank. There were no further questions on the financials.

Post-Finals survey results were discussed.  A majority of the responses indicated the Finals were good to excellent.  Additional information will be helpful in applying for HOT money next year.

A motion was made to hold the 2020 Finals on November 12-14.  Motion passed unanimously.  Location to be determined.  Lurena volunteered to write the host appreciation letter for Board review and approval.

The Board thanked Brent for his hard work in compiling job descriptions for Course Directors, Scribes, Score Runners and Setout.  Information was gathered from various sources.  Brent asked the Board to review and send any additional feedback to him in red.  Once finalized, it will be posted on the website.

Jack led a discussion on the formation of committees.  The Board agreed they would like more membership involvement.  Chairs will be recruited, who are not necessarily Board members, and they will lead the committees and report to the Board.  Committee descriptions will be communicated via Google and Facebook once finalized.

The Board discussed changing the number of payouts per class from 1:3 to 1:5. As it is up to the trial host to determine whether to pay per TSDA guidelines, the Board felt no change was needed.  Bob stated he had been approached by several Open handlers who felt the amount of the payouts should be stated in the premium rather than just “after expenses”.  After discussing the issue, the Board felt it was not prudent to dictate to the hosts how they structure their trials.

The Board voted unanimously to create a TSDA Handler Hall of Fame.  Criteria and the process for selection will need to be established. 

Jack proposed requiring the Dog of the Year to move to the next class the following year regardless of the number of points earned.  The issue was tabled for further thought and discussion.

Jackie led a discussion regarding allowing non-Open handlers to run Open dogs which are borrowed in a lower class as this would allow them to learn and gain experience as a handler.  The Board felt this was best achieved by running on an exhibition basis, as allowed by the trial host.

The Board discussed the sanctioning of out of state trials and agreed that such trials would need to conform to TSDA guidelines.  As it applies specifically to the upcoming AZ trials, Vivian reported that the hosts have revamped their system to meet TSDA guidelines including changing their classes.  It was also noted that they are in the same USBCHA District 4 as TSDA, many are TSDA members and they also travel to Texas.

Keelee volunteered to send a welcome email to new members with a summary of key rules and contact information for questions/assistance.  This should help to ensure they are aware of the guidelines particularly about handler/dog classifications.

Vivian has received complaints that scores are not being posted as frequently to social media and the Google group.  She explained the process that she must go through in order to do this is time consuming and she does not always have time while working the trial.  It was suggested that if the scores are posted at the trial site, other members can take a picture and post them.

The next Board meeting will be December 19 at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 pm.
Vivian Christensen
Vivian Christensen, Secretary/Treasurer

Vivian Christensen - Nov. 26, 2019