TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Sep. 19, 2019



TSDA Directors Meeting

September 19, 2019 Conference Call


The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Texas Sheep Dog Association was held September 19, 2019 via conference call. President Jack Christensen called the meeting to order at 7:16 pm.

Roll was called with the following being present: Lurena Bell, Bob Caruthers, Jack Christensen, Vivian Christensen, Jeri Jessee, Brent Phelps. Bruce Hawn, Pierce Holt, Jo Spurger, and Steve Drake were absent.The minutes from the August 7 meeting were approved.

Vivian provided the Secretary's report. The new, improved  website  is up  and running as well as the  online entry  funct io nalit y. Both have been well received will very few issues. One thing to note is if you purchase a dog from another TSDA member, call Vivian to help you get that dog added to your account. We have five nominees for the Board: Brent Phelps, Bruce Hawn, Jackie Bludworth, Cindy Roper and Keelee Page. Vivian anticipates the ballots being sent out on Monday.
Jeri provided the financial report. There were no questions on either the financial report that had been distributed or the Finals expense sheet which is being updated as things are finalized. Current handler/dog team sponsorship totals $1690 of which $1090 is in Ranch, $300 in Open and $300 in Nursery. Karl Gunzer & Purina have donated 24 bags of ProPlan to be given out. We have applied for HOT funding from the City of Stephenville, they will be reviewing our packet next week.

Jack provided an update on the Finals preparation. All the facility type items have been ordered and the caterer has been booked for the awards banquet. Additional information to be obtained on the Handler's dinner.. Awards were discussed and a decision made on the awards for the champions.

Vivian asked that fee for the TSDA Secretary not be considered at this time.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.


Vivian  Christensen, Secretary/Treasurer


Vivian Christensen - Sep. 19, 2019