TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Jul. 19, 2006

TSDA/TCDA Conference Call

Directors present:  Susan Carpenter, E.B. Raley, Ron Burkey, Rita Crane, Email Luedecke,
Rick Strohl, Gary Payne
Directors not on call:  Eleno Montemayer, Kay Stephens, proxy to Emil Luedecke.
Officers on call:  Susan Carpenter, Ron Burkey, Francis Raley
  • Meeting was called to order at 8:11 pm by President Susan Carpenter.
  • The agenda for the call was to finalize information for TSCA/TCDA State Finals.
  • Committees for the Sheep and Cattle Finals was appointed by Susan.  They are as follows.
Rick Strohl, Cattle Chairperson, 940-872-5653
Gary Payne,  Cattle arena backup, 940-682-4955,
Ron Burkey, Sheep Chairperson, 830-980-7859
Eleno Montemayor,  Manage Novice field, 210-922-2488,
Emil Luedecke, Coordinate, 325-739-5631,
Rita Crane,  Awards Banquet, 903-356-5287,
E.B. Raley,  Replacement trophies/awards, 254-744-8217
Kay Stephens, Conflict resolution (both fields) 936-825-2610,
Francis Raley, Manage secretarial work (all fields*)  254-486-2500,
Susan Carpenter, Prepare run orders and score sheets (all classes, all fields*), 830-683-5175,
  • Susan asked each committee chairperson if they had anything to report at this time.  Some committees will have to wait till closer to Finals time in order to function.
  • Rick did not have a report at this time.  He will be working with Gary Payne closer to trial time. 
  • Emil had spoken with Randy Herring and he will be setting out on the sheep open field.  He will contact Scott Parker soon to verify that he can also set out sheep.
  • Rita reported she might be able to get a TSDA/TCDA 3 x 4 banner for around $40.00, that can be used at trials, State Finals and annual meeting.  Rick was in favor of a new banner and suggested including  email and web site addresses.  E.B. asked that TSDA/TCDA logo be on the banner and also have one person to be in charge of caring of it.  Rita volunteered to be custodian of banner. 
  • E.B. moved to purchase a 3 x 4 banner with TSDA/TCDA logo, web site address, seconded by Rita Crane.  Passed unanimously
  • Rita had several suggestions for the annual banquet, a new banner, raffle sales, guest book for members to update (address, telephone numbers, email addresses), any sponsors to be linked to TSDA/TCDA web site, program for banquet, sale of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded jackets and visors.  A new banner would also serve as back drop for award winners at the banquet.  She will check with Danny Monzingo at Big Lake to make sure we would not be intruding on anything they have planned for raffle sales.  Rita will have an article in the next newsletter asking for donations for the raffle.  How the awards will be presented will be discussed at the next B/D meeting. 
  • Rita stated she would have a sample t-shirts, sweatshirts and hooded jacket made at her expense and posted on the web site.  The profits of sales is to be used for future annual banquets.  Orders would be emailed or phoned to her and any orders coming into the office would be forwarded to Rita.  Pictures, prices and order forms will be posted on web site as soon as possible. 
  • Donna Grahmann had presented a new logo design for TSCA/TCDA (a Texas flag with a Border Collie in the white strip).  Francis said we had some caps on hand at this time and that we do not sell many through the year.  Gary suggested we poll the membership to see if they would like a new design.  Rick motioned to table Donna's design of a new cap until the next Board meeting, died for failure to get a second. 
  • E.B. reported that Thomas Crane had submitted a bid of $25.00 each for ten (10) awards for TSDA Dog of the Year and Triple Crown 2005 replacement trophies and three (3) 1st place trophies for the cattle Finals.  Ron moved to accept Thomas's bid, seconded by E.B..  Rita will bring samples to the next meeting for approval of design.  Passed unanimously
  • Francis reported that Barb will be helping with the secretarial work on the sheep field and LaNelda Strohl will be in charge of cattle trial secretarial work.  After entry deadline, entries will be sent to Susan for the draw and entry forms..  Kay is the coordinator of handlers between the fields,  The run order will be furnished to her for adjustments.
  • Ron reported that he has received a quote for the eight (8) belt buckles (1st place in Sheep and Cattle classes) which is between $75 and $80 each.  Rick felt that the cattle fund has enough money to pay for the 2006 buckles .
  • E. B moved for Ron to purchase the 8 belt buckles, seconded by Rick Strohl.  Passed unanimously
  • Susan asked for discussion about hiring a cattle judge.  Emil said he had spoken with several handlers and three persons had volunteered to judge the Open, Pro Novice and Ranch at no charge.  Rick felt the cattle fund shows they can afford a hired judge.  After a discussion E.B. motioned to hire a 2006 cattle judge, seconded by Rick..  Motion passed.
Raley - yes      
Burkey - yes             
Kay - no (proxy)
Crane - yes       
Rick -yes                 
Luedecke- no              
Gary - no
  • E.B. motioned for Jerry Lynch to judge the 2006 Cattle Finals, seconded Rick Strohl    Passed unanimously
  • Dean Holcomb of Clemmons, NC and Mike Nearly of Brookston, In. were nominated to judge sheep Finals.  Susan reported that she had check several weeks prior to meeting and airfare for two would be under $1,000.00.  A rental car from Midland to Big Lake would cost around $140.00.  They will arrive Thursday Sept. 16th and depart in the evening of the 19th. 
  • E.B. motioned to elect Dean Holcomb, Mike Neary as judges for the 2006 Sheep Finals seconded Ron Burkey.  Passed unanimously
  • Because of the increase of travel for out of state judges E.B. motioned for a $3,000 budget for sheep judges, seconded by Rick   Passed unanimously
  • E.B motioned by acclamation a $600 budget for 2006 cattle judge and she to pays her own travel and motel expenses.  Passed unanimously
  • Rick motioned for entry deadline for both sheep and cattle to be Oct. 15th  and cancellation by Nov, 7th. cancellations after deadline will not receive a refund, seconded by E.B.  Passed unanimously
  • E.B. Raley motioned for entry fees (both sheep and cattle) to remain the same as 2005, seconded by Ron.  Passed unanimously
  • There was discussion on changing the Cattle Finals to Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday and Saturday..  The Directors are trying to set a date for the annual membership banquet that will better serve the handlers.  Rick will speak with Danny Monzingo to see if change of date would be a problem for Big Lake.  
  • Emil motioned to move cattle trial to Saturday, Nov. 18 and Sunday, Nov. 19 if change of date is approved by Big Lake, seconded by Gary Payne.  Passed unanimously
  • Added premium monies will be discussed at the next Board meeting which is Aug. 19,  2006.
  • Francis will check with Danny Monzingo to see who the host motel will be for 2006.
  • Emil motioned to adjourn, seconded by Rita.

Francis Raley - Jul. 19, 2006