TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Aug. 7, 2019



TSDA Directors Meeting
August 7, 2019
Conference Call
Present:  Lurena Bell, Bob Caruthers, Jack Christensen, Bruce Hawn, Pierce Holt, Jeri Jessee, Brent Phelps, Jo Spurger, Vivian Christensen
Absent:  Steve Drake (attended by proxy)

Online entries:  Vivian updated the Board on the online entry process.  The behind the scenes work is done.  The site will be cell phone and tablet friendly.  Expected to go live in September.  It will be tested on some of the smaller trials. Vivian suggested we may want to offer PayPal as a payment option.  Handlers will not be required to use the online system; mail in entries will also be accepted.    Vivian and Richard are drafting the guidelines for usage.  Help will be provided to anyone who needs it.
The Board again discussed the entry process including opening and closing dates as well whether a draw till take place.  Again, it was affirmed that the host will decide.   The Board agreed whatever method is chosen needs to be clear on the premium.

Secretary transition:  Vivian updated the Board on the transition of the Secretary position.

Banking update:  Vivian and Jeri gave the update on the banking situation.  As approved by the Board, a change was made to Pioneer Bank.  The new bank accounts have been synchronized with the online QuickBooks are running smoothly.  Vivian will be using the online bill pay functionality to pay premiums as well as expenses.  This will provide more transparency for reporting, decrease administrative expenses and allow handlers to receive their money faster.  Additional details were provided in the Finance Committee update provided by Jeri via separate email.

Fee for Secretary:  At the last meeting, Steve Drake requested consideration of a fee to be paid to the TSDA Secretary in recognition of all the work that goes into being a trial secretary.  The Board discussed at length numerous scenarios, including Bruce’s suggestion that the guidelines state that the secretary is to generally be compensated.   Jeri suggested that she and Vivian could do a write up which provided clarity on the issue and the Board could consider it at the next meeting.  Jo made the motion that the issue be tabled until the next meeting and Bruce seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Finals update:  The Board discussed numerous preparations for the finals including but not limited to:
Judges - Brent reminded the Board that Joni Tietjen and Angie Coker-Sells will be judging the Open and the Double Lift Finals.  He is now working on securing an additional judge for the other classes. 

Set out - Brent sent a summary of the bids received via separate email for Board review.  The candidates were discussed.  Jo made a motion to accept Leslie Scruggs’ proposal and Pierce seconded it.  The motion passed unanimously.

Site – Faansie Basson will be overseeing the trial site in terms of preparation, bleachers, sheep wrangling, etc.  It was noted that the Board will still be expected to pitch in and help Faansie with whatever is needed

Handler’s Dinner – Handler’s dinner on Friday night will be hosted by Elmarie and Faansie Basson and Steve Drake.  In addition to the silent auction, there will also be a whisky tasting and live music.

Recognition – Lurena is coordinating appropriate recognition items for the host, etc.

Finals Budget – Jeri provided the budget and will update it as information is finalized

Awards Banquet – Jack requested that someone be in charge of the banquet to make sure the food is ordered, tables set up, etc.  Catering was discussed.

Finals payout – It was discussed that the current method in the Open class (20/20/40/20) did not properly recognize the Double Lift winner.  After Board discussion, Jeri made the motion that the payout be 20% to each of the Open Runs, 20% to the Average and 40% to the Double Lift (20/20/20/40).  Lurena seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  For the other classes, it was suggested that it was too heavily weighted to the Average (20/20/60).  Jack made the motion that the percentages be changed to 30% to each of the runs and 40% to the Average (30/30/40).  Jeri seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Other – Brent noted the trial insurance needs to be secured as soon as possible.  Vivian will take care of obtaining the insurance.

Brent also suggested that Nursery 1 be run on Thursday so that everyone is not so late finishing up on Saturday and the banquet is not delayed. After discussion, Brent made the motion that Nursery 1 run on Thursday.  Pierce seconded and the motion passed unanimously. 

Vivian and Jeri explained that checks will not be distributed at the Awards Banquet.  This allows Vivian to take the necessary time to review and accurately make payment.  They will be sent the week following the trial.

Next meeting to be: Thursday September 19th, 7:00 pm
The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 pm.
Submitted by Jeri Jessee


Vivian Christensen - Aug. 7, 2019