TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Mar. 19, 2019

Conference Call

TSDA Directors Meeting
March 19, 2019
Conference Call
Present:  Bob Caruthers, Jack Christensen, Pierce Holt, Jeri Jessee, Jo Spurger, Steve Drake, Francis Raley
Absent:  Lurena Bell, Brent Phelps, Bruce Hawn
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Jack Christensen, President.
Pierce Holt will be voting as proxy for Bruce Hawn.
The Board discussed retaining Richard Mueller at a cost of $200 per month for professional management of the website.  This will include any future development projects, updates and maintenance.  This would be a month to month engagement for as long as the Board felt it to be necessary.  It was the consensus of the group that this was a more than fair price.  Jo Spurger made the motion to move forward with the retainer.  Steve Drake seconded it and the motion passed unanimously.   It was confirmed that as part of this, Richard will be developing online entry functionality for the website.
The Board previously voted at the Junction meeting to allow two additional people to have access to the website for the purpose of performing trial secretary duties, in addition to Francis.  Vivian Christensen has been granted one of the log-ons and the Board is looking for a second volunteer.  Jo Spurger asked that this discussion be tabled in order to clearly define what the additional volunteer will be doing.
Jeri Jessee outlined the Finance Committee’s recommendations to the Board including: online banking, online bill pay, online QuickBooks and the opening of an additional checking account for trial entries and payouts.  There will be no charge for the online banking and bill pay functionality or the additional checking account due to the organization’s 501©5 status.  The fee for QuickBooks is $17 for the first three months and $35 thereafter.  Jeri and the Finance Committee will set it up and train Francis.  Jeri asked that Francis and Jack go to the bank and have the functionality enabled asap with the understanding that Francis will need some time to transition, the expected date of the transition to be June 1.  Jo Spurger made the motion to accept the Finance Committee’s recommendation and Bob Caruthers seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
Recent feedback from the membership regarding the holding of entry checks and delays in sending payouts was discussed.  Francis explained much of this stems from handlers pulling out of trials at the last minute, hosts allowing late entries, refunds, etc.  The Board feels the adoption of online banking will help Francis process payouts faster.  Additionally, the Board agreed that the following existing rules will be strictly enforced:
• Section IV, E, 4:  No entries are accepted after the cut off date for trials that require pre-entries.
• Section IV, E, 9:  No entry may be pulled after the draw.
a) The handler is liable for the entry fee.
b) The trial host may allow substitutions.
The Board is aware of an incident involving the alleged mistreatment of a dog at a recent trial.  The Directors agreed that the Association will not tolerate such incidents and discussion ensued as to what disciplinary action would be imposed.  Pierce Holt made a motion that a letter be sent to the person for the first incident and, if another incident occurs, the person be suspended from TSDA for one year.  Steve Drake seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Bob Caruthers brought up the idea of recognizing a host city, specifically Junction, for their efforts in the sponsorship of a trial.  The Board agreed it would be a good idea given all the hard work put forth by the Chamber of Commerce.  Jeri Jessee made a motion that Junction be given a plaque in recognition of their support.  Jo Spurger seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Jack Christensen informed the Board that Jones Trailers may be interested in being a sponsor for the Finals.  Bob Caruthers brought forth a concern that in the past sponsorship money had not always gone towards added money for the handlers.  All the Directors felt strongly that it should.  Jeri Jessee made the motion that all sponsorship money raised for the Finals is to be applied as added money to be paid out to the handlers, after expenses, unless the sponsor designates that it be used otherwise.  Pierce Holt seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.  (It was noted that for trials other than the Finals, it is up to the host to decide payout and how any added money would be applied.)  Steve Drake noted that to obtain sponsors, we will need to show the benefits.  Jeri volunteered to work together with Bob on a sponsorship package.  Pierce also volunteered to work with Bob on fundraising efforts.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 pm by Jack Christensen.
Submitted by Jeri Jessee

Francis Raley - Mar. 19, 2019