TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Oct. 2, 2018

Conference Call

SDA Board Meeting
October 2, 2018

Board Members present:
John Lewis
Brent Swindall
Brent Phelps
Jo Spurger
Jamie Mitchell
Bruce Hawn
Francis Raley
Jack Christensen
Pierce Holt

Not Present:  Lurena Bell

First item of business was to correct the minutes from the September 11, 2018 Directors teleconference meeting.  The total expenditure for the 2017 finals amounted to $11,644.92.  This was offset by income of $6,191.00.

Item 2.  Finals planning
The topic of pen help was discussed and it was determined that John Lewis would discuss with Pat Ashcraft the hiring of two helpers for pens and possibly a third for the double lift.

Additionally discussed was the hiring set out for the Open field.  Discussion involving set out by cowboys without dogs or cowboy(s) with dogs was tabled pending additional information. 
Set out for other classes to be handled on foot with dogs by TSDA members scheduled by director committee leaders assigned to that task for the finals.

Pat Ashcraft has offered to furnish the hospitality tent and keep it stocked.  The lead committee member assigned coordinate with Pat.

Jo and Lurena to continue silent auction planning, with a sign up table to be provided for donation drop off.  E-mail to be posted to yahoo group with information and instructions.

The banquet meal will be provided by the caterer who provided the meal for last years finals and fajitas were chosen as the entree. 

Item 3.  Facebook Page.
Legal liabilities were discussed and it is believed that there is low risk to the association with proper oversight.   Jerri Jessee has volunteered to be the moderator.  It was discussed that Bruce Hawn would review page setup.  Jo Spurger made a  motion was made to create a facebook page with Jerri Jessee as moderator with Bruce Hawn to review the page setup.  Second by Brent Swindall.  Unanimous vote in favor of the motion.

Item 4.  Caps
Tabled at the last meeting, caps were again discussed for purchase by TSDA to be given to TSDA members going to the post for the first time.  Artwork, cap type and cost to the association discussed. After discussion, it was determined that no cost should be incurred by the association in advance to purchase caps.  Jack Christensen stated that he would buy the caps himself and it was agreed that they could be offered on the facebook page.

Item 5.  Rule change.
The board approved a motion to change the rules in order to prohibit an Open Ranch or Nursery handler from running an Open or Open Ranch/Nursery dog in the Ranch class.  This rule change involves modification of several sentences through the rules to clear up inconsistencies.  The modified rule will be published before the TSDA finals and take effect immediately following the finals.   The rule change drew a unanimous vote of approval. 

October 23, 2018 was chosen as the date for the next directors meeting and the meeting

Minutes taken by Jo Spurger

Francis Raley - Oct. 2, 2018