TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Sep. 11, 2018

Conference Call


Meeting was brought to order by John Lewis at 7:05pm, Sept. 11, 2018

Those attending were  Jo Spurger, John Lewis, Jack Christensen, Jamie Mitchell, Brent Swindell, Frances Raley, Lurena Bell as secretary.

Those not attending were Brent Phelps( had told John he would be out of touch), Bruce Hawn, Pierce Holt

2018 Finals were discussed.

2017 Finals cost $1600 and earned $6200. The money that has been put towards the Finals by the Stephenville Chamber will not be available this year and in the future, as the HOT(Hotel occupancy tax) is now regulated by the state, rather than the Chamber.

Jo Spurger proposed that the budget for the 2018 Finals not exceed more than 10% over the 2017 Finals. Jack Christensen seconded and it was passed unanimously by all attending members.

Committees for Finals                       
Hospitality     Jo Spurger/Lurena Bell           
Banquet       Kathy Lewis             
Silent auction        Jo Spurger/Lurena Bell

Frances Raley will be taking care of the judges.   

Field Captains will be responsible assigning scribes and set out at their respective fields.

Brent Swindall and Pierce Holt will NOT be available to set out this year.  Jo Spurger will check on getting Cowboys to set out for at least the Open Field .

In the past we have paid $200 per day per Cowboy plus Hotel. Also we pay $150 per day for pen work. Using some of our up and coming handlers to help in the pen was discussed.

2nd topic  TSDA Caps

It was suggested that TSDA caps be given to new members the first time they go to the post.  There was discussion and then it was decided that we should Table this until the next meeting. Jo Spurger motioned and Jack Christensen seconded . All attending members voted in favor .

3rd topic  TSDA Facebook page

Having a TSDA Facebook page was brought up. We would need to appoint someone to watch /manage the page. With this being a major concern, it was decided we need to research this more . Facebook could satisfy our need for the  education that is needed for our Tax status.Jo Spurger motioned to Table this and Jack Christensen seconded.

Education and  Demos that will be given under the TSDA name/banner will need to be approved by the club. This is postponed to the future.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm

Minutes taken by Lurena Bell,  Oct. 11, 2018

Francis Raley - Sep. 11, 2018