TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from May. 31, 2018

Teleconference Call May 31, 2018

TSDA Board of Directors Teleconference
May 31, 2018


Selection/vote on TSDA Finals judges.

Discussion/update/modification of points tracking.

Formation of Finals committees.

Attendees: Bruce Hawn, Brent Swindall, Martha Howell, Jamie Mitchell, John Lewis, Lurena Bell, Jack Christensen, Francis Raley (absent: Jo Spurger, Brent Phelps)

Judges nominated: Colin Gordon and Paddy Fanning. Bruce moved to accept these two candidates, seconded by Jamie (Jamie aye, Brent aye, Bruce aye, Lurena aye, Jack aye, John aye, Brent Phelps aye by proxie) Martha abstained.

Discussion on point accumulation and recording process. Issues include changes of handler and or owner not accurately reported, handler not aware of point status of the dog. As a result decision has been made to track dogs by the dog’s registration number. (CBCA, ABCA, or ISDS) If dog is not registered with above, a TSDA tracking number will be assigned.

Apparently Richard has suggested that only TSDA members’ dogs be reported on the website. Board members did not understand the reasoning, so Francis will revisit the question with Richard.

Further discussion on revising the entry form to indicate mandatory fields with the indication that incomplete entries will not be accepted.

Fort Stockton Chamber has contacted Herbert Holmes asking for commitment to 2019, including asking TSDA to provide short program(s) for the Fort Stockton Schools. General agreement this was a doable request.

Martha suggested formation of a community outreach committee to organize a traveling package for community education for stock shows & fairs and like Fort Stockton has requested. Lurena is interested in working on such a committee, Martha will help.

Committees for 2018 Finals

Hospitality – Banquet and meals, judges meals & comfort, participant welcome, handler’s welcome

Elections and Annual meeting (election timetable and balloting, awards ceremony, meeting agenda, etc)


Sponsors & advertising

Grounds committee (course set up, sheep wranglers, rain contingencies, double-lift, parking, port-a-potties, etc)

Field Captains

Martha Howell
San Angelo, TX



Francis Raley - May. 31, 2018