TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Jan. 18, 2018

Conference Call, 1/18/18

TSDA Board of Directors Meeting   01/18/2018

Called to order at appx 7:10 after trying to contact missing members.

Attendees:  Martha Howell, John Lewis, Lurena Bell, Jamie Mitchell, Brent Phelps, Brent Swindall, Jack Christensen.

Absent: Francis Raley, Jo Spurger, Bruce Hawn (proxies given to John Lewis)

Old Business:

Topic 1 – last meeting minutes.  Not yet posted on website, Martha will send a reminder to Francis.

Topic 2 – Web Site, Discussion on web site, needs an owner to work with Richard. Lurena will talk to Richard to get clarification on what his responsibilities are and how he would like to work with us. How could the points process be improved, members section, and educational links?

New Business:

Topic 3- Format for 2018 Finals

Discussed if there was a better way to accommodate those who work...point was made that freeing up Sunday for travel and having a relaxed banquet added value with positive feedback from members. So the format used at the 2017 State Finals seemed to be the most acceptable, but we should be open to consideration of those who work and find the addition of Thursday to be difficult.

Motion from Martha to go forward with the same format used in 2017, Seconded by Brent Phelps. Martha yes, Brent S, yes, Jamie, no, Brent P, yes, Jack, yes, Lurena, yes, John Yes, Bruce by proxie, yes.

Brent P, motion to hold finals on November 8, 9, 10, 2018, Jack seconded. Martha, yes; Brent S yes; Jamie, no; Brent P yes; Jack, yes; Lurena yes; Bruce by proxie, yes.

Topic 4 Encouraging Novice handlers

Wide ranging discussion on helping Novice handlers. Including clinics at arena trials, videos on youtube, links on the web site. Brent P pointed out the best way to improve the Novice runs was to increase the education available to the Novices rather than to make the course easier. Mentoring partnerships and playdays were also discussed.

Additional Old Business:

Finals Expenses report to members? John is working with Francis to finalize expenses, then will be shared to members. (John to own).

Adjourned at 8:15

Additional note under Old Business: For inclusion in the minutes, John informed Martha he now has signature authority on TSDA financial instruments and has a few blank checks to hold for emergency use.

Minutes taken by Martha Howell

Francis Raley

Francis Raley - Jan. 18, 2018