TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Nov. 11, 2017

Stephensville B/D meeting

2018 Minutes
TSDA Board Meeting

Attendees:  Jo Spurger, Bruce Hawn, Brent Phelps, Brent Swindall, John Lewis, Jamie Mitchell, Martha Howell, Jack Christensen, Lurena Bell

First topic:  Welcome to new and returning directors, including a brief discussion of roles, responsibilities, and operating methods.  Urged new members to become familiar with the by-laws, which govern how we operate and the scope of our responsibilities.  Need to get Jack and Lurena added to the Board forum (Francis will contact BC Board admin)

Discussed the fact that currently only Francis is authorized to sign checks for the organization.  This was news to most members and we quickly voted (unanimously) to authorize the sitting president to also be a signatory on bank accounts in case of emergency.   Francis will initiate adding John to the accounts.

Francis brought up a question about the new release form, as some folks seem reluctant or unable to obtain it.  After some discussion it was agreed to stand by the policy that no entry was to be accepted as complete until the signed, hard copy release was in the trial secretary's hand FOR EACH TRIAL.
Prior to electing officers for the coming year, a responsibility called out in the by-laws, we briefly reviewed the traditional roles of the offices for the benefit of the new members.  We started a discussion on how the roles might be more formally delineated, but tabled that for the sake of time.   Martha will post some starting points on the forum.

A related but side discussion began about the use of voting proxies by board members, but that was also tabled as it would require some research.  This topic is to added to our BC Board forum.  Bruce will research and post to the forum.

We then elected Officers for 2018.  President: John Lewis, Vice President: Martha Howell, Secretary/Treasurer: Francis Raley

Another topic brought up was how we could improve communication to members.   We agreed it was part of our responsibility to bring forward concerns and suggestions from the members, and we indicated we have done that at several board meetings.  It was pointed out that all minutes are supposed to be posted on the website.  This was news to a few members.  There is a drop down under “Organization” that connects to the minutes from all board meetings.  Francis pointed out only approved minutes are posted and we have become lax about formally approving the minutes, relying instead on our use of the BC Board forum.  We then formally approved all 2017 minutes, and requested Francis to get them posted on the website.

John has requested we begin a post mortem discussion of the 2017 finals on the board’s forum in order to capture the good and not-so-good events and begin planning improvements for next year.  John to initiate

Meeting adjourned.
Minutes taken by Martha Howell, 11/11/17

Francis Raley - Nov. 11, 2017