TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Oct. 25, 2017

Conference Call, 10-25-17

TSDA Board of Directors Meeting
October 25, 2017

Called to order at 7:05

Attendees: Francis Raley, Martha Howell, John Lewis, Brent Swindall, Jo Spurger,  Brent Phelps, Jamie Mitchell, Jimmy Walker, Chris Thomson (absent: Bruce Hawn)

Each year the TSDA has contributed $2000 from general funds toward the prize money for the annual finals.  This requires a board vote.

Motion from Jo to add $2000 to prize money from TSDA funds.  (Seconded by Jimmy)
All approved except Chris had dropped off call.

Discussion and eventual decision on set out options for second field.
Note for next year:  the reason we ended up needing an option for the lower field is that as plans unfolded we discovered there was more work than the original two gentlemen were comfortably able to handle.  They asked for an option that would free them up to enjoy the finals, as well as save their competition dogs for their own runs. 

Discussion ensued on possible solutions including using a horseback crew located by Herbert Holmes, continuing to pursue volunteers to set on foot, seeking someone to set on foot for pay, some combination of above.

Concerns with horse set-out:  uneven set out quality, re-runs, judges not familiar with horse set out, novices not used to picking up off horses, young dogs unfamiliar with horses, unknown skills and expertise of proposed crew.

Concerns with foot set-out:  availability & scheduling of volunteers, uneven quality of set out (experience of dogs & volunteers).  Impact to the volunteers (time, weather, number of runs).

Brent Swindall brought up the concern that he does not feel the cowboys can hold the sheep without a dog, as from his experience this has been a problem in the past.

After much discussion the options were boiled down to two.

Motion:  Use Cowboys or Volunteers? Brent made the motion, Second by Chris
Chris: Volunteers,
Jimmy: Volunteers,
Brent S: Volunteers,
Jamie: Volunteers,
Jo: Cowboys,
Brent P: Volunteers,
Martha: Cowboys.
Vote concluded Volunteers would be used for set-out  (Bruce Hawn to own)

Brent P. comment for the record:  Next year we must do a better job of planning set out solution, and do it earlier in the year.  (General agreement)
Prize Money Decisions:
The historical distribution of prize monies was not well understood prior to tonight’s discussion.  General consensus was the process needs to be reworked to more equitably reward performance, at all levels. Doing so will be a major effort, best left to a time with less time pressure than this year’s competition.
As a result the following was decided, either by consensus or by vote, as indicted:
      A:  Distribute All Monies equally per dog (by TSDA Schedule)
      B:   Pay 1st and 2nd go-rounds and average.  (3 Payouts)
      C:   For classes other than Open, 20% of the premium pot for each go.  Then, treat the average (or   combined) as a "go," and distribute the remaining 60%.  To be paid by TSDA scale based on the number of dogs per go.   

Motion:  Distribute The Open purse 20/20/40/20.   These splits will be distributed according to TSDA guidelines for the number of dogs entered in each run, with the 40% to be applied to the average for the two Open Runs.  The final 20% distributed to the Double Lift according to TSDA scale for number of dogs in the final go round.

Motion brought forward by Jimmy, 2nd by Brent S. Aye: Martha , Chris, Jimmy, Brent S., Jamie
Nays:  Brent P,  Jo
Motion to adjourn at 7:50 B. Phelps

Francis Raley
Minutes taken Martha Howell

Francis Raley - Oct. 25, 2017