TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Sep. 14, 2017

Conference Call

Minutes of TSDA Board of Directors teleconference 9/14/17  7PM

Present:  John Lewis, Jamie Mitchell, Francis Raley, Bruce Hawn, Martha Howell, Brent Phelps, Jimmy Walker 

Topic 1:  Increase of Entry Fee for TSDA Finals

Discussion of “hold back” monies being increased from $10 to $20., Brent Phelps asked if the increase could be put toward funding a judge for the final runs of the non-open classes.   The held back money is applied to general expenses incurred in the course of running the finals.  The remainder is allocated to prize money.

There was discussion on how/who to approach to judge the lower division.  Resolved by decision to use only one judge for the double lift. 

Consensus was to use the contracted judges, one to judge the double lift, the other to judge the lower class finals.  Decision on which to judge each was deferred.

Added prize money for the finals has been requested from Stephenville Chamber of Commerce and the ABCA.  Money is assumed to be approved and forthcoming.

Resulting action:  Bruce moved that to better cover the increasing expenses of the state Finals, entry fees for the finals be increased from $50 to $75, with $20 to be withheld for expenses, with the remainder going to prize money.  Jamie seconded.  (passed unanimously)

Topic 2:  Brief discussion of the new release form, (thanks to Bruce for working on this). 

Action Required:  Need to be sure exhibitors understand they must sign the release form before their entry is considered final.  This is to protect the Association and the trial hosts.  Francis will look into indicating on the “entries” web page if someone has failed to sign the release form when submitting their entry.  It will be the responsibility of the entrant to make sure it is signed.  We don’t want the trial secretary having to hunt folks down.

Topic 3:  Informal discussion of the “run up-level” concept continued from last meeting.  Brent will discuss with USBCHA president, get opinion.  At present there doesn’t seem to be enough support for this idea to formalize any action. 

Following two ideas presented as “food for future thought”.

Bruce suggested opening the TSDA Open division at the state finals to all comers, enabling two USBCHA point earning classes, but limit the Double Lift to TSDA members who have met the annual qualification requirements.

Jimmy suggested changing the double lift qualification to the top 8 competitors from each day, rather than the top cumulative scores.

Meeting adjourned appx 8:00 PM

Francis Raley
Minutes taken by Martha Howell


Francis Raley - Sep. 14, 2017