TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Apr. 20, 2017

Directors Conference Call

Agenda TSDA Directors Meeting
April 20, 2017

Brent Swindall, Martha, Jimmy, Chris, John, Francis, Brent Phelps, Bruce, Jamie, (Jo not in attendance).

1.  TSDA sponsorship toward USBCHA  Finals live streaming.    Yes, or No

Motion:  Agreement to support the USBCHA live steaming project in the amount of $750.  The donation is to be a one time gift in memory of our member Jo Ann Noble.  Motion sponsored by Brent P, Seconded by Chris


2.  If yes, how much?  $500?,  (See above)
Open issues, how much do they need?  Will it be free to TSDA members? Can we approve a conditional amount?
(What if we give in memory of Jo Anne Noble?,)  John will document the agreement to Carol by letter.  Monies to be submitted after USBCHA commits to the project.

3.  Date of 2017 TSDA state finals.
Weekend of November 8-11. Jimmy sponsored the motion, seconded by Bruce;  Approved unanimously
Weekend of November 16-19.

4. Change Open 1 to begin on Thursday, Open 2 on Friday,  40% combined scores run back in Double Lift on Saturday. Jimmy /Brent  S.   unanimously approved

            This requires an additional judge for Saturday’s other classes.
                        Use TSDA member.
                        Hire an additional Judge.
                        (Decided to table this for further discussion at a future time.)
5. Run back for other than Open classes:
            Note:  Does this mean the first run is a qualifier?  Is the champion determined by combined score or clean start in the second go (see above regarding a judge for the “final” go).

            40% run back on Saturday for second go-round
            Determine run back based on entries and available stock.
            100% run back.
Never came to motion, general agreement on:  Determine run back based on entries , try for 100%.

Tasks needing volunteers/captains

Silent Auction
Judges Hosts
Scribes and runners
Annual meeting agenda & reports
Set out, exhaust, sheep handlers

Other items discussed in brief:

Start thinking about judges for finals, suggestions welcome.

Exhibition runs, no change to current rule proposed after discussion on b/c Board.

Other open discussion, no voting:

Jimmy will initiate a discussion on B/C board for an idea about changes to Open/Open Ranch rule.

Consider an annual memorial award in memory of Jo Anne Noble.  Discussion to go on B/C Board.

Motion to adjourn at 8:12 PM

Francis Raley - Apr. 20, 2017