TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Jul. 20, 2017

Directors Conference Call

Directors Meeting
July 20, 2017

All board members present with the exception of Martha Howell.

Items on the Agenda:

1. Vote on Judges for the finals.

Credentials for two judges have been presented to the board for approval. It was stated that they were the only two applicants, Peter Morgan & Emyr Lloyd

Motion made to vote on this agenda item and a second received.

Vote called and these two judges accepted by unanimous vote of those directors present.

A discussion ensued regarding the budget for the finals.  Directors had previously been provided a breakdown of expenses for the 2016 trial.

The 2016 vehicle expense was discussed and it was determined that board members will make some contacts in an attempt to have vehicles donated for judges use on the trial field from one of the local dealerships.   

Number of people for pen help was discussed.  It was determined that the third person was probably needed considering the new trial format.

Judges for the lower classes were also discussed as the new format will not allow for those two judges to judge all classes. 

The idea was presented that we use non-local judges.  This was determined to not be cost effective.

The idea to used qualified retired or semi-retired handlers who live in the area for judges was discussed and some names were presented as possible candidates.  This discussed as being a viabe and affordable option as no travel or hotel would be necessary.  Some contacts are to be made and a final determination to be made at a later date, but as soon as possible so as to notify finals participants at the earliest date possible.

A motion was made to vote on the use of the 2016 Finals figures as a tentative budget for the 2017 finals budget with the understanding that some figures will probably change due to increases in items such as cost of flights for judges.  Motion seconded.  All voted aye.

Coordination of use of the international judges for the Open discussed with regards to points available and averaging. 

The increase of fees for finals entry was discussed and statement was made that no increase could be done until the next finals year.  That statement was questioned as to why fees could not be changed for this year.  Several figures were discussed and this item was tabled; to be placed on an upcoming agenda for vote.

“Entering up” came to discussion, with various pros and cons discussed as well as the impact on TSDA membership and possible sanctioning issues with USBCHA. 

Addition of Pro-Novice class discussed and it was noted that open handlers were already running against lower class handlers with Nursery dogs and so the addition of a class was not received as a solution.

Generation of USBCHA points discussed with regard to “entering up”  and whether it is ethical.  The USBCHA rules discussed as to whether or not this issue is specifically addressed by their rules. 

“Entering up” rule tabled for more discussion and possible vote at a later time.

Motion to adjourn made, seconded and all voted aye.

Metting adjourned, 7:59PM.
Minutes taken by Jo Spurger

Francis Raley - Jul. 20, 2017