TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Jun. 30, 2016

Conference Call

Conference Call minutes June 30, 2016

Purpose:  Approve Mr. Sammy Long as a substitute judge for the 2016 TSDA Finals and review status of accounting conversion to Quick Books.  

Only four members participated in the call:  Francis Raley, John Lewis, Jamie Mitchell, and Martha Howell.  Only one proxy had been submitted, so there was not a quorum of directors.

Due to the urgency of getting travel arrangements made for the judges, those of us on the call authorized Francis to go ahead and assume Mr. Long would be acceptable, since no one has voiced an objection.  The prior conference call did authorize expenditures for both judges from Great Britain, so the substitution has no real affect on the prior decision.

The discussion of the conversion to Quick Books covered the structure of the reports and possible changes over time.  The cost for the services of the accountant working with Francis have exceeded our initial expectation, however, there is no avoiding the additional expenses, as the work must be completed and has been a pending change for several years.  John authorized Francis to pay the overages out of the TSDA funds.

Meeting adjourned at 8 PM CDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Howell

Francis Raley - Jun. 30, 2016