TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Jun. 30, 2015

Conference Calol


Conference Call:  June 30, 2015
Time:  7 pm  Central Time 

Directors on call:  Emil Luedecke, Barry Lambert, Bruce Hawn, Ron Enzeroth, Martha Howell, Chris Thomson, John Lewis, Cindy Roper.
Director not on call:  Jimmy Walker

Meeting call to order at 7:07 pm by President Emil Luedecke.

Emil asked directors to note yes or no on the location of the TSDA State Finals to be held at Ashcraft Ranch in Stephenville, TX on November 12, 13, 14, 15, 2015.  Lambert, Hawn, Enzeroth, Howell, Thomson, Lewis and Roper all voted yes. 

Jim Diamond, Hefin Jones and John Maginn were nominated to judge TSDA state finals.  Each director had received bios on each nominee prior to the meeting.  Emil called for a voice vote for two nominees for selection.  Jim Diamond and John Maginn were selected to judge the finals.  Both men are from Northern Ireland.

Barry Lambert – Maginn & Diamond  Martha Howell – Abstained
Chris Thomson – Maginn & Diamond  John Lewis –        Jones & Maginn
Ron Enzeroth –   Maginn & Diamond  Bruce Hawn –      Diamond & Maginn
Cindy Roper –    Diamond & Maginn  Emil Luedecke –  Jones & Maginn

Francis reported that the copier service contract for 2015/2016 year will be over nine hundred dollars.  Because of the age of the copier Chris Thomson motioned to not pay for a service contract, seconded by Ron Enzeroth.  All directors voted yes.  There will be no service contract on the copier.

Reviewing committee on By-Laws:  Bruce Hawn, Barry Lambert and Martha Howell presented the directors with a revised and recommended copy of changes of TSDA By-Laws.  Bruce Hawn motioned the recommended changes of By-laws be mailed and posted on web site to the 2015 paid membership, seconded by John Lewis.  All directors present voted yes.

Cindy Roper donated ribbons for the 2014 state finals and stated she would like to donate again for 2015 finals.

Emil asked that directors discuss the membership survey that was taken last  spring on director’s forum. 

Bruce Hawn motioned the meeting be adjourned at 8:47 pm, seconded by Chris Thomson.

Meeting adjourned.
Francis Raley, Secretary 6/30/15

Francis Raley - Jun. 30, 2015