TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Nov. 18, 2006


Directors Present:  Emil Luedecke, Rita Crane, Gary Payne, E.B. Raley, Kay Stevens, Herbert Holmes, Red Oliver, Eleno Montemayor, Chris Thomson 
  • Susan called the meeting to order at 8:50 pm, at Big Lake, Tx. Community Center.
  • Susan opened the floor for nominations for Secretary/Treasurer to serve a three years term.  E.B. Raley nominated Francis Raley, seconded by Red Oliver.  Passed unanimously
  • Gary Payne nominated Red Oliver as Vice-President to serve a three year term, seconded by E.B. Raley.  Passed unanimously
  • Emil Luedecke nominated Kay Stephens as President to serve a three year term, seconded by Rita Crane.  Passed unanimously
  • Susan thanked the directors and left the meeting.
  • Francis asked if Directors wanted to canvas the Directors ballots.  No canvas was taken, the ballots will be kept on file.
  • Kay opened the floor for discussion on Triple Crown trials for the 2007 trial season.  After the discussion E.B. moved for Ft. Stockton (Jan. 18 - 21), Spring Fling (Feb. 16 - 18), Top of the Hill (March 16 - 18) to be the three trials, seconded by Emil Luedecke.  Passed unanimously
  • Herbert Holmes stated that the Roberts Rules of Order be followed at all the Board of Directors meetings.
  • Emil moved for December 30, 2006 the date of the next Board of Directors meeting, seconded by Gary Payne.  Francis will notify all Directors of the location.  Passed unanimously
  • E.B. moved to adjourn, seconded by Gary Payne
Francis Raley - Nov. 18, 2006